Top Questions to Ask When Choosing a Social Media Management Company

Is social media important for your business? Well, other business owners answer with a resounding yes. Recent data shows a significant upward trend in social media ad spending.

The bottom line: even if you’re reluctant to invest in social media, your competitors probably already are! 

Now is the time to get serious with your social media and find an agency that’ll be able to give you that professional, expert support you need. Here are some top questions to ask a prospective social media management company. 

What’s Your Specialism?

You should first decide if you intend to focus on one, some, or all social media platforms. There’s no correct answer here; it’ll depend on your customer demographics.

Either way, you must determine whether the agency has experience in your chosen platform. Some specialize in one area, such as LinkedIn, whereas others will offer a broader social media presence across multiple platforms. 

You’ll also want to know what their approach is on different platforms. This company offers an excellent example of how they tackle social media management. Check it out here. 

Do You Have Any Case Studies?

It might be tempting to read testimonials. But there’s a better way to get a feel for an agency.

That’s through detailed case studies. They’re a fantastic opportunity to understand how an agency operates.

Look for agencies that offer plenty of detail with their case studies. Your main aim is to understand how the agency interacts with its customers and how they measure results.

The case studies will also help set expectations about how long it’ll take for you to see results for your business. 

What Tools Do You Use?

A good agency will use some of the most cutting-edge tools. So always ask this question at the start and find out why they use specific tools.

They should, at a minimum, have advanced analytics tools, as they’ll need to use this to measure the work they’re doing for your business. Without it, you won’t know if you’re getting the results you expect.

Find out if you’ll have access to these tools or whether the agency will send you reports from these tools. 

What Goals Do You Recommend for My Business?

You’ve probably got an idea of your social media goals, but this is also a question to ask an agency. It’ll tell you about how they intend to help your business.

Avoid a social media management firm that focuses too heavily on growing your followers.

While follower numbers are an essential metric, they don’t allow for quality. That means you could end up with thousands of followers who don’t convert into customers. That’s not valuable to you.

You want to see from an agency that their goals include conversion metrics, such as the percentage of followers who convert to new business leads.

Transform Your Marketing With a Social Media Management Company

Unless you love spending time on social media and you have hours to spare, hiring a social media management company makes perfect sense. You’ll have specialists focused on growing your business on your behalf. 

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