How to Check Your Site Ranking in Google by Search Term

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How to Check Your Site Ranking in Google by Search Term

Like any other entrepreneur, do you too always wish that your website will appear at the very first page of Google? Well, if yes, then it’s pretty obvious and correct of you to hope for this. To have a decent site ranking is every website owners’ dream which is quite obvious because why else would anyone create a website at the first place!

But how do you know or understand that whether you are near or far from your dream?

You probably are still misunderstanding that to check a website’s rank is no big deal. You might, in fact, already have checked the rank for your website. But there is a catch, the website you used to check the rank or the service you availed is absolutely misleading.

How to check the website’s ranking then?

Rank providing services? –A big no. 

There are many websites which are there to provide you with your website’s ranking (as they say). If at all you tend to use some other tools, apart from Google,then unfortunately, they are of no good at all. Most of them are not even close to what a proper rank of any website should be. In fact, many of the websites may even put you in a problem by putting you in violation of Google’s terms and services. This is because, according to Google webmaster guidelines, you must not use any of the computer programs or unauthorized websites to submit pages or to check the rank of your website. Hence, if a thing like this happens, very likely, your ranking may go down to the lowest or the case may even go worse.

Some reliable ways to check website ranking in Google:

1. Analyzing Search Engine Manually.

One of the most reasonable (in terms of cost, definitely not in terms of time) yet the most tiring method to check your website’s ranking on Google is by carrying out a manual Google search.
It would be better that before beginning with this check, you pick only a few keywords and that too those for which you wish to rank high. By choosing the topmost keyword which are most near or pertinent to your audience and the type of website, you make the job or this manual check comparatively easier.

Performing such a check would be definitely very tedious. It will not even provide you with any accurate result. This is because there is a good possibility that various Google servers may produce various results. But even then, you can give it a try. You, at least would get an idea as to where your website currently stands in a list of so many websites plus, Google finds it absolutely legal for you to perform such a check.

2. Keyword Rank Checking.

A keyword rank checking will provide you only with the rank of the keyword and not the website. With the help of this, you’ll get a slight idea about the ranking of your website, but definitely won’t provide you with a specific result. There exists a Google’s keyword rank checking tool known as a Google position checker. It helps in determining the spot of any keyword within your domain using search engine of Google within many other keywords.

3. Web Analytics Software.

Analytics Software is quite different from any other rank checking tool or even mechanism and is basically nothing but a referrer. What analytics software does is that –it tells you about that website or about that URL where your visitor initially was at. It means you get to know about that website from where the visitor or the user was directed to your website, page or form. This is how you will get an understanding of –from where the visitors are arriving at your page or where did they come across your website.

4. Google Webmaster:

By using Google Webmaster Tool, you will get to know about all the keywords that were used by your visitors or by your traffic to reach to your website. In this Google Webmaster Tool, there exists a segment known as “queries search” where you’ll get the list of all the keywords that were used by people to reach to your website. You must then click on any of the available keyword, then in the result Google will tell you about the position.

5. Server Log Files.

In case of this method, we make the use of server log files. If the logs of your web server are in united format or any other in which exists the information about the referrer, you will get to know about all the pages where your visitors previously were. You get to know about the pages from where the users have been directed to your website, blog or page. With the help this log file format, the results from Google will let you know about the where your website appeared in the applied search.

Content is King

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