8 Ways Of Growing Your Startup With Email Techniques

8 Ways Of Growing Your Startup With Email Techniques

There are two types of marketers: the ones that praise email marketing and the ones that are wrong. Email marketing has always been the center of attention for many marketers, while they argue about its effectiveness and results. But, of course, email marketing has managed to be always a highly converting tool for the marketing world, and email marketing companies have managed to adapt and show agility to recent trends, changes and requirements. It is know that growing your startup with email marketing is quite effective.

There are two types of marketers: the ones that praise email marketing and the ones that are wrong.


The constant rise of social media shook the digital marketing world, forcing people to believe that email marketing is dead. However, the benefits of email marketing are undeniable and haven’t changed. It has the greatest ROI rate and it is a marketing tool, which targets people who have already expressed their interest in your company.

Especially for startups, email marketing is the greatest tool we have, as it provides us the opportunity to aim every channel of our marketing funnel: further brand awareness, interest, consideration, purchase, retention, and loyalty.

But is it simple? Well, it can be simplified, but we all need to invest time, energy and creativity to make something work.

Let’s take it step-by-step, and find out how we can make email marketing the greatest!

Let’s take it step-by-step, and find out how we can make email marketing the greatest!


1. Know Your Audience

When you start a new business, you aim for specific buyer personas that might be interested in your products and services. And these buyer personas might be totally right when designing your strategy, but your audience might be more diverse than expected. 

So you should collect all relevant data to proceed with the proper segmentation of your audience. You should collect demographical and social information, habits and affinities; of course, always respecting the privacy of your customers and ensuring that they provide such information voluntarily.

2. Categorize Your Audience

After collecting all relevant information and details, you should use them to divide your audience into different groups. Most free email marketing services you might use as a startup owner/employee provide basic features of segmentation, but there are always services that might give something extra. So, do your research thoroughly.

Segmentation of the audience will increase your conversion, boost engagement of your subscribers, and decrease the rate of unsubscriptions that might damage your email marketing strategy. This will help you to efficiently optimize the next steps of your strategy.

3. Personalize Your Content

Now that you have divided your audience and have created targeted groups, you should personalize your content. Based on the stage of the marketing funnel and personal information you have, you can create and design super-targeted email marketing campaigns.

As such, every group will receive information, updates and offers tailor-made just for them, making them feel valued and appreciated.

Personalize Your Content in Email marketing


4. Add Value To Your Content

Content, however, can’t be boring, simple and cold-hearted. It has to bring value and create interest in your audience to read your emails through. The main purpose is to increase sales and boost your startup’s growth, but sometimes we have to do something extra to reach our destination.

The first thing you should pay attention to is your CTA. Your CTA button is critical to your email’s efficiency. It has to be clear, simple-worded and drive action.

Also, your copy must be very detail-oriented. Engage with one style that is suitable for your startup and your audience, choose your font wisely, make it short-sentenced, simple and use bullet points to spread your message across clearly.

Don’t forget to be business-friendly and use the first name of the recipient if you have it. The name can be included in the main body of your email, but also in your email subject line, which will drive curiosity and feel more personal.

You should add images, videos, GIFs to your emails, as visual content marketing increases your audience’s engagement. If you wish to drive the extra mile, you can make your emails interactive and give something extra to your leads.

5. Use Automation

Using an email marketing automation strategy can be highly beneficial for your startup for many reasons. You create a careful, thorough strategy, it saves time and energy for your team, it provides extra insights for the kind of engagement that your audience has with your campaigns. 

Automation can help you with your segmentation, personalization of content, the timing of emails sent, and also add special features based on the email marketing service you use. For example, you can design weather-based email campaigns and send an offer for umbrellas on a rainy day, during spring!

6. Trigger And Retarget

This is crucial to make your email marketing work and let your startup thrive. Using cookie-based retargeting will help you increase engagement and your sales.

You can target people based on the stage of the marketing funnel they have reached on your website, send them specific emails based on the products they have already shown interest to.

Also, it’s important to connect your retargeting with detailed abandoned cart email strategy, which will bring back your possible customers. 

7. Avoid Being A Salesman

As was briefly mentioned earlier, our main purpose is to increase sales and growth by boosting our ROI. However, no one wants to have a “salesman” knock on his door daily giving discounts and offers.

So, design different campaigns (targeted or generic) to provide information to your audience, educate them on issues related to your niche and give value to them for being subscribed to your list.

Also, if you wish to go all the way and increase your sales, engagement, and loyalty, create special campaigns for specific customers. These campaigns can inform them about a VIP service just for them, a special offer just for them, or anything you feel you can provide “exclusively”.

This will make your clients feel unique, feel appreciated and know that you take care of them.

8. A/B Testing

And the most important step of growing your startup with email marketing is testing. You should never run a campaign without A/B testing. This technique provides you the opportunity to check different variables and see how they affect your conversion rates.

Always change one variable per campaign, so you can see which element indeed can affect your conversions. For example, change only the email subject line, but not change the visual content of your email.

And make sure that you have run an email deliverability test, so you can guarantee that your emails end up in your audience’s inbox.

Test in email marketing


Final Thoughts

To sum up, email marketing can be a very complicated and challenging venture, but if you choose wisely your in-house team or your company-partner, then it will be a piece of cake.

It gives all the benefits without additional costs or extra time spent, it can be beneficial for your startup, as it engages your audience and increases sales.

So, do not hesitate to focus on email marketing, as it will definitely pay off; as it has already done for most companies.

conclusion 8 wats of growing your startup with email techniques


What do you think? Have you done something differently?

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