How to Advertise to Custom Audiences on Facebook

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Salesforce created this great infographic delving into the statistics around how to advertise to custom audiences on Facebook.

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Customer Audiences on Facebook

Infographic Summary

There are more than 2 million active advertisers on Facebook and this is rapidly growing.

  • The average click-through rate on Facebook campaigns has increased 266% YOY.
  • Click through rate is up 57%
  • 31% of Facebook advertising budgets now focus on video.
  • Photos are second most popular.
  • 1.25% is the average click-through rate for ads targeting custom audiences based on website traffic/

Retargeting on Facebook

Retargeting aka remarketing: internet advertising based on a person’s online browsing habits and history
use the website traffic option when creating a custom audience on Facebook.

  • Anyone who visits your website.
  • People who visit specific web pages.
  • People who visit specific web pages but not others.
  • People who haven’t visited your website in a certain amount of time.
  • Facebook’s audience insights: get to know your audience.

Your audience can be:

  • People on Facebook.
  • People connected to your page or event.
  • People in custom audiences you created.

Learn more about your audience:

  • Demographics
  • The top pages people like in different categories
  • Location and language
  • Facebook usage
  • Purchases activity