Evadav Review

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If you’re looking for a new tool to provide a source of extra-monetization of your website, you should definitely consider EvaDav.

EvaDav is a native advertising network providing a relatively new method of monetizing websites – push-notifications. Push-notifications appear as small pop-ups on the screen of user’s device (PC, mobile, tablet etc).

A push-notification is an alert message with an icon that appears in your client’s browser or a mobile device. It does not occupy any advertising space on your website. It appears as a small pop-up on the screen of the user’s device.

Push notification has five key elements:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Landing Page URL
  • Icon and Banner Image
  • Call to Action Buttons

The major advantage of push-notification ads is the fact that people show interest and willingly subscribe to a website’s notifications.

Push-notification messages are used to communicate with users. It could be an update to an offer or an exclusive product launch notification. It also offers great results and proves to be profitable for the publisher and effective for the advertiser.

Pushes can be used for:

  • Special offers and promos
  • eCommerce updates
  • Sales and discounts announcements
  • News and content updates
  • Downloadable content including eBooks, templates, and checklists
  • Alerts based on geolocation
  • Freebies
  • Mobile apps promos for increasing installs


EvaDav offers one of the easiest ways to increase the revenue of your websites.

Its platform connects you to a global advertising exchange from the very top advertisers. It does not matter whether the user visits your website often or had stumbled upon it by accident, as soon as they subscribe to the push-message system on your website, they’ll remain connected to your account, bringing you a constant daily income.

EvaDav’s traffic has been bought by as much as 52 push platforms, making the network one of the biggest on the market.

EvaDav Ad Network works on the model of Revenue Share – bring a user and get up to 70% whenever they are shown ads to.

EvaDav offers the highest eCPM rate among all advertising formats with a 100% safety for publishers.

EvaDav offers push-notifications, which prove worthwhile advertising opportunity for advertisers with high conversion and 100% brand safety.

EvaDav has developed its own anti-fraud system together with an effective algorithm for predicting audience behavior.

There’s also the postback, traffic back, button block, and personal domains for top publishers.

Some numbers to back the claims of the leading push notification advertising network:

  • 50000000 Daily Impressions
  • 2000 Publishers
  • 300 Advertisers
  • 10000 Campaigns

Regarding payment days – they are always regular and are conducted on a weekly basis.  The minimum payout threshold is just 25 bucks.

EvaDav supports multiple payment methods for publishers including:

  • PayPal
  • WebMoney
  • ePayments
  • Skrill
  • Paxum
  • Payoneer
  • Bank Transfer

…and as many as 33 payment systems from all over the globe available for advertisers.

There is also a referral program. You will get 5% of the income generated by your referred publishers. What makes this so valuable to you is this referral revenue is a lifetime commission, which means you can keep your revenue growing by simply referring more people to our network. Further, you can make extra bonuses for high production.

EvaDav’s main goal is to offer you a viable and powerful platform to profit from push-notifications for the publishers and an innovative method of native advertising for its advertisers.