5 Principles of Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns

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Principles of Successful Facebook Advertising

It’s not easy to have successful facebook advertising campaigns. For many businesses, especially online retailers, Facebook ads are a highly effective and relatively cheap way to drive new sales. While Facebook campaigns might seem easy considering how lucrative they can be, it does take detailed research, a deep understanding of your target audience and non-stop optimisation to find the ads and audiences that pay.

An attractive image and polished promotional copy is not enough. Facebook advertisers must be be more strategic and creative than ever in order to cut through the noise and drive a return. 

Here are five clever ways you can improve almost any Facebook Advertising campaign:

1. Less is More in Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Facebook recommends 90 characters for your post text, 25 characters for your headline, and 30 characters in your newsfeed description. However, according to AdEspresso, shorter is better. After reviewing over 37,000 Facebook ads, they recommend 5 words for your headline and 15 words in your post text. Clearly tell your customers what you want them to know with one simple call to action. Ensure it stands out and is easy to read.

In addition to copy, often ads are too visually busy. Keep your imagery uncluttered for maximum impact. In a chaotic Facebook feed, simple is captivating. 

2. Make Your Ad A Scroll-Stopper

First impressions are paramount. We all know video is the most engaging form of content, and there is now no excuse to not creating video content. There are simply too many free and fool-proof tools out there that any business can take advantage of. Much like what most personal finance magazines like Finance Fox have been saying for years. What’s more, the first 3 seconds of your video are even more paramount. 

Considering people browse Facebook at 100 miles per hour, the first-glance impression of your content needs to capture attention, possibly even stop people in their tracks, intrigue them and draw them in to learn more. 

3. Have Memorable Copy

Your copy also must be as catchy as possible, while including the must-know information about your brand or offer. It needs to be easy for the reader to understand in a matter of seconds, otherwise you could lose a valuable customer. We also recommend having a clear call to action button to encourage people to take an instant action and click through to your site. You have a greater chance of converting a customer when they have already landed on one of your webpages.

4. Include People

People buy from people. So, including pictures of people in your ads is likely to win over the hearts and minds of your audience. One better is to include imagery of people who are related to the demographic and interests you are targeting, so your ads have a familiar feel to your audience. A genuine smiling face can go a long way!

5. Align Your Ad With Your Campaign Landing Page

Consistency is key when it comes to branding and successful facebook advertising campaigns. When your customer clicks on your ad through to your website, you want the messaging, look and feel and overall quality of the experience to match. Ensure your colour scheme, imagery and writing style is consistent. You’ll also want to keep a clear call to action that carries over from the ad, so the path to purchase is clear to your customers