Why So Many People Are Moving to The Sunshine State

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Florida’s population has grown by over 3 million people in the past ten years. This has caused major cities and smaller metros alike to climb in value, boosting the real estate market tremendously. In fact, Florida just surpassed New York as the second-hottest housing market in the United States.

The residential housing market has exceeded $3.8 billion, driving thousands upon thousands of new homeowners to gravitate towards the sunshine state. There have been plenty of recent changes in work life, housing, and quality of life in the state that are causing this flock to Florida. Remote work has become more accessible, the weather is temperate, and the housing market is booming. In 2023, new building constructions reached numbers greater than California and New York combined.  There are lower home prices, and the accessibility of housing is increasing for first-time homeowners.

Because of these changes in Florida, there are several third party services that help movers to make their migration to the sunshine state. From mortgage help to navigating loan options, movers are never alone in their journey to buying a home. The time is now to capitalize on the booming Floridian housing market, taking advantage of all that this versatile state has to offer. Learn more about moving to Florida in the infographic below:
Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?