Ad-Maven Review

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Ad-Maven was founded in 2015 by the brightest minds in the advertising and security industries.  Today one of the largest and most renowned advertising networks, offering a wide range of premium advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers.

  • Email (Advertisers):
  • Email (Publishers):
  • Phone: +972-722-159-423

Benefits for Publishers

Admaven is focused on driving the highest yield possible for their publishers and provide high CPM rates for global inventory. Publishers running with Ad-Maven are able to use their custom technology to bypass all ad-block extensions resulting in another 25% increase in revenue on average. They offer numerous monetization methods and ad formats including:

  • Popup
  • NewTab
  • IAB Banners
  • Lightbox
  • Interstitial
  • Sliders
  • Billions of impressions delivered a month (large scale)
  • Dedicated account management
  • Real Time Bidding

Easy Sign up process:

Benefits for Advertisers

Advertisers expect top notch performance, service, reach and scale which is what Ad-Maven delivers.

  • 500 million full screen ads daily impressions
  • Traffic in 200 countries
  • High advanced and detailed self-serve platform
  • High quality and granular targeting
  • Proprietary optimization algorithms to deliver best ROI
  • Dedicated account management

Ad-Maven has received many positive reviews from publishers and advertisers: