Why You Need Mobile App Marketing

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Mobile app marketing is the period of interaction with a product’s users until the audience becomes permanent. Promotion is a complex and multifaceted job that requires specific knowledge and experience. They allow you to choose the right practical tools and use them skillfully.

Only in this case can you get the planned result and bring your platform to the top positions in the marketplace. It will be challenging to do it on your own, but the experienced specialists at Radaso Agency will help you solve even the most difficult tasks.

Mobile App Promotion Factors

Attracting users to a mobile application is often done according to a particular pattern. The following tools are used to influence users to install a program:

Let’s look at each point in more detail. You will be able to understand what role the stages play and how they influence the development of your product.

Attracting Users

The number of downloads is one of the success criteria for a mobile app. You need to present the product skillfully and spectacularly. The user must be interested in the offer. To influence users to install the program, the following tools are used:

  • direct communication;
  • profitable incentive;
  • search advertising;
  • cross-promotion;
  • descriptions for websites and stores.

You can choose one or several strategies. It all depends on the pre-developed promotion plan, financial possibilities, and set objectives.

Client Activation

The client is categorized as activated from the moment of regular use of the application. You can apply push notifications to inform the user about the product, its functionality, and the benefits of registration. Work out a plan for the frequency of promotional notifications so as not to be overly intrusive.

The second effective way to engage your customers is to offer a small reward. You can create many exciting gifts, focusing on the specifics of your services:

  • a free subscription period for channels;
  • a discount on the first purchase.

The appropriate option is selected for each case individually.

Customer Retention

It is crucial not only to activate a customer, but also to retain the gathered audience. The program’s rating depends on the duration of its use. To create a permanent audience, you can use one of the following tools:

  • analyzing the goods the user is interested in and sending special coupons and discount cards;
  • showing unique content on exclusive products or services – this is how you can generate increased interest;
  • regular app updates are aimed at enhancing customer interaction;
  • improving personalization by studying the target audience and fixing bugs in the functionality.

Mobile app promotion specialists select practical tools based on the program’s specifics and services.


In today’s world, smartphones serve a considerable function. They are a way of communication and faithful helpers in different strategies. Therefore, companies are actively creating mobile applications to increase the audience and customers for their products.

Smartphone apps can only help a product thrive if the marketing is proper. The application must be recognizable and gather a large audience. Many practical tools and experienced specialists will help achieve the desired result.