Facebook is creating a Youtube on Facebook

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Facebook is creating a YouTube on Facebook

You may have noticed that video’s on your Facebook feed has become much more prevalent and a regular part of every day Facebooking. In between posts you see a mix of video’s with other content, but maybe you want to just see videos? Facebook is building it’s own YouTube like product within Facebook and it could be huge.

It has been reported that Facebook is working to create a “dedicated place on Facebook for people to go when they exclusively want to watch video,” which will help “people discover, watch and share videos on Facebook that are relevant to them.” Sounds like the definition of YouTube, right?

Facebook reported that there will be a dedicated sections where you can browse videos within their app and there is no official name for this future product. The video’s that you can see are videos that were sent to you from friends or that you may have watched or saved. You can also expect that there will be filler videos of current events and anything else facebook see’s fit.

New Video Test’s on Facebook Video


If successful and Facebook users embrace the new youtube like feature, this will put the company in a very competitive position against YouTube by adding a distribution channel that YouTube simply does not have. As Google and Facebook continue digital warfare the users of the internet will benefit by getting amazing new product iterations, just like this!

Facebook is very bullish on video and is still tinkering with other options. They will be expanding their suggested video feature that gives users an opportunity to view similar videos, advertisers the chance to get their message across and the content producers a revenue share. Everyone can win here.

Would you want to see this feature in the near future or will it ruin the point of Facebook?