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What You Need to Know Before Accepting Bitcoin Payments on Your Blog

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Are you thinking of monetizing your blog and using Bitcoin as one of the payment methods that your audience can use? While it’s definitely becoming more mainstream for businesses, especially eCommerce ones, to accept Bitcoin for their products/services, it’s still a gray area for most entrepreneurs.  Before you decide

5 Essential Elements of an Effective Business Website

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Any successful business you can think of has a website, but what is it about their website that makes you want to visit them? Here are five points of information to include on your business’ website to make future customers well informed about who you are, as well as

6 Undeniable Perks of a Well Thought Company’s Visual Identity

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A well-thought visual identity is one of the essential assets a company must carefully think through since it is an investment. A picture speaks a thousand words, says a popular saying. Likewise, a company’s visual presentation communicates far much deeper than any well-scripted mission, vision, or motto would. An

MVP Development Do’s and Don’ts According to the Pros

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A minimum viable product (MVP) refers to a product with only enough features to attract early customers and provide critical feedback for future product development. The input is then used to improve the product. An MVP assists in validating an idea for a product and helps provide direction towards

The Benefits Of Using ERP Software For Your Business

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Many businesses have utilized ERP software to better their company and help themselves grow financially, technologically, and for implementation purposes. Because ERP solutions have additional benefits like helping your business with productivity and efficiency, they have become popular choices for companies that want to succeed. One thing that companies