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How to Plan a Memorable Corporate Event in 2022

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Are you looking to plan a great corporate event? Planning the right corporate event takes a combination of strategy and creativity to have the impact you desire. Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning a corporate event that meets your goals. 1. Set Clear Goals Events have a purpose, meaning

How to Influence Consumer Purchasing with 5 Marketing Strategies

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Marketing aims to introduce and promote products and services to potential consumers. An organization’s sales, success, and everything in between depends on it. Marketers allow businesses to gain exposure to many people to influence them to buy their products and services. Marketers often overlook what drives consumers to choose

What You Need to Know about Zoom Meetings and Screen Recorders

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A screen recorder is a useful tool for showing how to use an app or, among other things, display your screen on a movie. People who are looking for the best screen recorder software should find one that is simple to use, has a solid app for recording while

Here’s Why SEO is So Valuable to Small Businesses

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The world is rapidly moving to the online space, and businesses are not being left behind. Nowadays, people use the internet to find all sorts of products and services, and businesses need to have strong online visibility if they’re going to make any headway online. One of the key

The Privacy Tradeoff With COVID-19 Apps

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A number of innovative tools are being called upon to help human society grapple with the coronavirus. Smartphone and computer applications that allow us to record where we’ve been and who we’ve been in contact with – often called “contract tracing” apps – are increasingly being leveraged by localities,