9 Instagram Marketing Tips to Help Your Brand Grow

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Did you know that more than 2 billion people from around the world used Instagram each month in 2021?

This social media platform is known for bringing people together through photographs, GIFs, and videos. 

If you are a business owner and aren’t taking advantage of this platform, you should consider using it for marketing. 

Continue reading to learn about some of the best Instagram marketing tips that will help you build your brand! 

1. Build a Business Account

One of the best Instagram marketing tips is to build a business account. 

Combining work and personal life on social media can cause issues and biases. If you want to look professional and gain the support of people, you need to make a professional account dedicated to the business.

Business accounts are great since they already provide a template for business owners. You can input your company website, hours, and summary on your page. There are many features for business accounts that you won’t want to miss out on. 

2. Define Your Purpose

Are you a social media influencer, business owner, or entrepreneur? 

Identifying what you are will help you define your purpose. If you are creating an Instagram page to increase sales at a skincare company, for example, you should post relevant content. When companies don’t define a purpose, social media pages can look messy and have contradicting information. 

3. Set Goals

No matter what type of business project you are working on, it is always best to set some goals.

Setting realistic and measurable objectives from the beginning can get you started on the right path to success. Think about the marketing attempts you plan to make and the timeline for implementing them. Even if things get delayed, you can easily readjust and set new goals that are more appropriate. 

Try to evaluate your progress often to ensure that your strategies are coinciding with your goals and timeline. 

4. Increase Your Likes

Instagram likes help market your content since more people share and engage with them.

As you gain more likes on your posts, other people will become interested in your products, services, or message. There are a few strategies for increasing likes on your account. Most people start with organic methods by using hashtags and adding followers. 

If you are looking for quick results, this Instagram likes desktop app can help out. Automations are making it easy to post content and engage with your audience without having to commit so much time. You can also look for the best Instagram growth service to get a decent growth quickly. 

5. Research Your Audience

Instagram marketing is only effective if you are reaching your target audience. 

If you aren’t getting much interaction from your social media page, you might not be adding the right people. Research your audience and customers to understand who is buying your products and services. Understanding this information can help you find productive hashtags and accounts to link with. 

Keep in mind that most people using Instagram are under 30 years old. If your target customer is from an older generation, you might want to consider another platform. 

6. Put Your Best Foot Forward

Besides your profile name, your profile photo is the first thing that people see on your account. 

To put your best foot forward, you should choose a simple and practical photo. Many companies use their business logo, especially since you can’t enlarge the picture. Logos are recommended for brand awareness since they add consistency and help people remember you. 

A couple of other options to consider could be a photograph of your team, yourself, or something related to your industry. You can get creative with your profile picture, just make sure that it makes sense and positively reflects your company. 

7. Establish an Aesthetic 

Instagram is all about beauty and making things easy to look at. 

Establishing an aesthetic or theme can help people remember your company. If you are all about positivity, for example, bright and clean colors are recommended, not black. Some people want to create a calming page that lets viewers relax when they view their profile. 

Most people find it easy to establish an aesthetic since it often relates to the company’s purpose. 

8. Spend Time on Captions

Captions are one of the key tricks to marketing on Instagram. 

You can use captions to identify people in a photo but also do so much more. Although you get limited space, you can provide your audience with enough information to improve sales and your following.

Businesses often use captions for explaining products and services. You should also utilize this space for hashtags. 

9. Use Hashtags

The easiest way to increase likes on your page without much effort is through hashtags.

Hashtags are words and phrases that people connect content to. Anyone can go on Instagram and search for a hashtag or keyword and your post will appear. Hashtags are most effective when they are trending, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a hashtag trend. 

Make sure you do your due diligence and review the types of posts attributed to the hashtags you are using. Many businesses make the mistake of using a hashtag that applies to their business, but also something else. 

Try These Instagram Marketing Tips Today

Depending on your purpose, there are Instagram marketing tips that will be more beneficial to your situation. 

Utilizing these tactics will help make your page look more professional and help teach people about the company. By posting content about your products and services, you can increase likes and find customers from around the globe. 

Don’t be afraid to get creative with content. With so much to look at online, posts can easily get overlooked. 

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