Why Email Marketing Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

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Why Email Marketing Should Be Part of Your Digital Strategy

When we think about digital marketing today, talks of SEO, content marketing, or paid ads tend to dominate the conversation. Email marketing often gets put on the backburner because it is one of the oldest digital marketing tactics out there. Despite the way the world of digital marketing has evolved in recent years however, email marketing remains one of the best ways to get your message in front of customers.

Better ROI

One of the biggest reasons to use email in your strategy is that it tends to have high ROI. If you’re not familiar with the term already, ROI or Return-on-Investment, refers to the money you spent on your marketing objective and how much revenue that activity generated. Generally speaking, email campaigns cost very little to put together, with every dollar spent creating an average of $44 of revenue. Email marketing carries many of the same interruptive benefits of traditional mailers, without the added cost of postage and mailing.

Customization Made Easy

Another great benefit of email marketing is that your communication can reach a large audience while also being highly customizable. Most email CRMs allow users to segment lists of people by different variables, like age, gender, location and more. You can then send emails to each of these separate list segments with different subject lines or content that resonates best with your prospective audience. In general, users also like when you use a custom name field in the subject line, making it more personalized and enticing them to read more.

Giving Customers a Reason to Click

Think of that initial email open as a user’s buy-in. You’ve piqued their interest with a catchy subject line, and now they’re reading the rest of your email to learn more. By including strong one or multiple strong CTA’s throughout the body of your email, you are giving customers a nudge to make their way deeper into the marketing funnel. When a user opens and reads your email, it creates a sense of commitment, increasing the likelihood of your CTA being clicked in your email.

Mobile Marketing

We all know that mobile device use is dominating the industry, but did you know that around 3 out of 5 people check their email when they pick up their phone? Using email marketing can be a good way to get in front of mobile users. For this reason, it is incredibly important to test your emails out on multiple different email apps and phones before sending them out. An email that doesn’t show up correctly is less likely to convert, and can leave a bad taste in your customer’s mouth.

Measurable Results

Although email marketing may be considered an old fashioned way of digital marketing, it can deliver robust reporting features to help inform your next campaign. When using an email CRM, all information about open-rates, time on site that came from your emails and more can be accessed to show you just how effective your communication was.

Incorporating Email Marketing into Your Strategy

Because email marketing is such a low cost tactic, you can’t afford to leave it out of your strategy. Email marketing can be tricky, and sometimes the best thing you can do is to team up with an experienced email strategist to get the job done. Having the right mix of engaging content, captivating subject lines, and segmented audience lists can get you the results you’ve been looking for.