Video Ad Network List: Top Video Monetization Companies

Video Ad Network List

Popular Video Ad Networks

Publishers who have a ton of video inventory to monetize often face the problem of finding the right partners who have high quality video advertisers. Sometimes it takes a good video ad network review to understand what unique value a potential partner can offer.

DigitalAdBlog has curated the top video ad networks. Keep this page bookmarked as more information will be constantly added. If you feel we are missing any important companies or would like your own company to recieve a video ad network review. Feel free to contact us.

Video Ad Network


Primis Primis Review (2020)
Google Tiny Logo

YouTube (Google)
Adap.TV Tiny LogoAdap.TV Adap.TV
Unative Unative
Hulu Small LogoHulu
Brightroll Small LogoBrightRoll
Liverail Small LogoLive Rail
Aol Small LogoAOL
Specific Media Small LogoSpecific Media
TubeMogul Small LogoTubeMogul
Tremorvideo Small LogoTremor Video
YuMe Small LogoYuMe
Auditude Small LogoAuditude
Undertone Small LogoUnderTone Small LogoAdvertising
SpotXchange Small LogoSpotXChange
Ikoo Small LogoIkoo
Conversant Small LogoConversant
SayMedia Small LogoSay Media
Collective Media Small LogoCollective Small LogoDefy Media
Microsoft Advertising Small LogoMicrosoft
AdoTube Small LogoAdoTube