Gatorade Gives an Apology to Lebron James on Twitter

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Gatorade decided to poke fun at the King LeBron James on Thursday June 1 by criticizing him for cramping up at game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals. Making fun of one of the world’s greatest Athletes is not the way to get him as a client later on in his Career. It seems like brands need to re evaluate who they hire to manage their Social Media accounts because one wrong tweet can anger an infinite amount of fans and spread around the internet at a viral pace. It is not tasteful to an athlete who is already down and played his heart out. It’s not the message Gatorade is trying to promote. LeBron Currently is endorsed by Powerade.


LeBron cramped up and couldn’t walk on his own at the end of the fourth quarter with a malfunctioning air conditioner heating the area up to over 90 degree conditions, making it a unique situation. The Spurs ended up taking game one with a 110-95 victory when Danny Green started playing like a star in the 4th quarter.

Lebron Cramp1

Gatorade Apologizes: 

Gatorade issued a public apology for what had transpired. “Our apologies for our response to fans’ tweets during last night’s Heat vs. Spurs game,” Gatorade commented. “We got caught up in the heat of the battle. As a longtime partner of the Miami Heat, we support the entire team.”

Is any publicity good publicity for Gatorade?