Twitter Acquires Mobile Native Ad Company Namo Media

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Twitter Buys Namo Media for an Undisclosed Sum

Twitter is investing for it’s future with addition of Mobile Native Advertising Company Namo Media. This acquisition will add a product to allow exchange based monetization for application developers. Mobile App developers can use the platform to add a native advertising template or create their own custom formats.

Namo Media truly embodies the term start up and has eight employees based in San who will be integrated into MoPub, another recent acquisition by Twitter. Namo Media came to the landscape in 2013 and raised $1.9 Million in funding from several investors. The acquisition will put Twitter in a prime position to be a long term force in the mobile native ad tech piece of the industry with 78% of its 225 million user base using mobile devices to connect and share. Twitter will use a great deal of resources to integrate Namo Media seamlessly into it’s technology stack