Instagram Stories in 2022: How to Make it Unique

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In 2022, Instagram pages have become not only a means of self-expression, but also a way to promote a product, service, promote expertise, news. User orientation has shifted from standard Instagram posts to short but capacious “stories”. The latter quickly lured viewers of videos from YouTube channels.

Browsing “stories” on Instagram takes up more of our time online, doesn’t it? And their creation is even more time-consuming, but special and creative instagram stories templates will help you with this task. 

Making a Photo for Stories on Instagram

To add to the “story”, a photo from the gallery or an image taken by the camera by pressing the button directly at the time of adding is used. You can decorate the photo with: 

  • frames; 
  • patterns; 
  • drawings; 
  • inscriptions. 

Use filters and masks. The necessary tools are directly on the screen.

Frank photomontage is not welcome and is still hated furiously. Which, however, is also one of the ways to increase coverage.

Change Photos with Filters

Instagram is primarily a visual platform. Filters will help make the visual used more attractive.

You can use more than 10 photo color correction options provided by the platform developers. While adding a “story”, swiping from right to left and back, select and leave the filter you like.

Adding Effects

The effects are “hidden” under the stars at the top of the screen. Clicking on them opens a list of more than 50 available options.

Various effects can be “tried on” until the most suitable one is found.

Using Photo Masks

Unlike filters, masks are mostly the work of the authors of Instagram accounts. With their help, you can turn into a cartoon character, change facial features, hide skin imperfections, and even grow old.

Masks, like effects, are located at the bottom of the screen. You can scroll through them and try on yourself or the model opposite. By clicking on the icon, the mask is turned on.

Decorating with Inscriptions and Drawings

It is possible to add captions and drawings to the photo. Using buttons with the image of letters, lines.

For the inscription, select the type of font from the proposed ones and its size (swiping on the scale on the left). And also: alignment on the page, the color of the letters and the substrate. The latter is filled with color using the Eyedropper tool. Holding one of the colors expands the palette.

Applying a Solid Color Background to Instagram Stories

You need to upload or take any photo, select “Brush”, press and hold the screen until it is filled. The color changes using the options below. “Marker” makes the background semi-transparent. “Eraser” removes the fill from the photo. Also, with its help, you can open fragments of a photo, make intricate patterns on it.


Beautiful design of the motives of your life, announcements of events, advertising in Instagram Stories provide an opportunity to promote your profile and attract new subscribers. This must be used. Try, experiment, save the ideas you see from other Instagram bloggers. And also look for life hacks on the World Wide Web and immediately apply them. Otherwise, it’s not you who will break the jackpot, but someone else.