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What is Taboola?

Taboola is one of the top and most well-known native advertising networks aroud. Founded in 2007 in Israel by CEO Adam Singolda, the mission statement has been to “show people things they didn’t even know they were looking for on the Internet.”

Taboola is a content marketing platform that allows publishers to monetize their website using customized native widgets. You can find Taboola on many top publishers such as The Weather Channel, Tribune Publishing, The Atlantic, Time Warner Cable, Business Insider, MailOnline and many others. Taboola is considered a top tier 3 Native network with competitors being other large native networks such as Outbrain, RevContent, AdBlade and many more. Check out our Native Network List to see reviews for all of the native networks in the industry.

Taboola Widget Example

Taboola Widget Example

Taboola’s native units are for desktop, mobile and tablet creating a beautiful experience on any device. They employ UI experts to help theur publishers make the implementation seamless.

Taboola also helps publishers gain more traffic. You are easily able to optimize and track cross-network and parner audience exchange programs by implementing click caps, giving a boost to specific content or partner URLs and ultimate gain deep insights into how your traffic exchange campaigns perform.

Taboola History

In November 2007 Taboola raised a Series A $1.5 Million investment from Evergreen Venture Partners, shortly following an additional November 2008 Raised more money from Evergreen Venture’s In August 2010, Taboola is making a name for themselves in the Industry. It is reported that they have partnerships with tier one publishers such as the Huffington Post. By August 2011 a $9 Million Series B funding from Evergreen Ventures in reporting and a $10 Million Series C from Marker in June 2012 followed by a $15 Million Series D in February 2013 from Pitango VC.

The company is making even larger moves in August 2014 when they acquire Perfect Market which has technology powering text-based advertising for publishers’ websites. Taboola-X was launched to help publishers further monetizing. Recently, Taboola reported that they are now serving 150 billion content recommendation to 400 million unique users every month with a $250 million run rate.

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