AppNexus is Acquiring Viewable Impression Firm Alenty

AppNexus – Bolstering it’s product offering

AppNexus is making big moves and has just purchased french based viewable impression firm Alenty, that claims to have developed the first accepted technology to measure impressions that are guaranteed to be “viewed” by a user. A viewable impressionis considered “viewable” if it at least 50% of the creative is in view of a user’s screen for at least a second.

AppNexus is preparing for a huge IPO in the near future and purchasing Alenty could make them extremely valuable for inventors who understand how the future of AdTech will pan out. Alenty came to the marketplace in 2007 with relatively small competition until other forces developed their own products. Alenty has been a product that was able to be accessed through the AppNexus app marketplace, but now it will be fully integrated into the core functionality of the product.

Appnexus 2

How Big is Alenty?

Alenty services many clients throughout the lumascape such as networks, publishers, agencies, SSP’s and DSP’s. They employ 18 people. Alenty is led by CEO Laurent Nicolas and CTO Nicolas Thomas. They have offices in the UK and Paris with most of their clients residing throughout Europe. Impression viewability is going to be one of the next big hurdles for AdTech to conquer in the near future and the acquisition of Alenty will put AppNexus in a great position to thrive in the digital ecosystem