Vloggers in Quarantine: The Best Content Ideas to Keep Afloat

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Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to experience numerous sweeping changes to our daily lives. Offices, colleges, shops, restaurants, and other social places were closed. Travelling became next-to-impossible. Nearly all communication went online. 

These quarantine consequences have had an effect on vloggers as well. Many content creators who vlogged outdoors now faced considerable limitations. However, vloggers were not the only ones to stay in the confines of their own houses – pretty much everyone did the same. As a result, online activity has been boosted significantly and people are spending even more time watching videos. The demand for content is growing, and that trend is only accelerating. At the same time, we cannot be 100% sure that a new or mutant variant of the virus won’t once again cover the planet. We have to be prepared this time, and arm ourselves with amazing ideas for vlogs!  

Today, we will discuss quarantine vlog ideas to help you stay active even in times of social turbulence. Let’s start!

Your day at home

Your subscribers are likely to  be interested in your daily routine, the way your room looks , and the dishes you prefer for breakfast. Why don’t you share a video about your typical day with them? Tell them about your habits, your small rituals, and the things you just cannot live without. Get creative and spice it with the reasons why you cannot imagine your routine without these minor things. Backstage videos are always interesting, so grab this idea and hype up your subscribers. 

Initiate a live chat

Encourage your watchers to send their questions, suggestions, and ideas to a live chat while streaming or during a video premiere. Arrange an answer/question session with them to get to know them better, tell them about yourself, and even find out what kind of content they like.


With social interactions limited, it is a great time to look within yourself and reflect on things from the past. Tell your readers about some significant insights that you had realized during the quarantine. Maybe you’ve reconsidered some past event, or re-examined some core values. Do you have any success stories, or even perhaps some spectacular failures? Share some personal insights – they are always interesting.

Special days

Every season has special holidays. How about telling your viewers more about them? You may discuss Mother’s Day, Independence Day, or Children’s Day, talk about the history, reasons, traditions, show how to arrange the celebrations, reveal gifts ideas (if relevant), etc. At the top of that, you may want to tell a personal story connected with one of these special days. Maybe you have some dear memories from your childhood or inspirational ideas to share? Add this one to your list of vlog ideas during quarantine.

COVID-related DIY ideas

COVID-19 life hacks are extremely relevant. Pharmacies can  run out of masks and sanitizer, but there is a way out! Sitting at home, you and your subscribers might have discovered a pile of old stuff in your house. How about using an old T-shirt to create a stylish mask yourself? Maybe you know a perfect recipe for hand sanitizer? Craft together with your viewers and help them keep busy and save some cash.

Fitness and self-care

The gyms are closed, and people are moving less and eating more. At the same time, they want to stay fit during the quarantine! Great news for them – you can help. If you do some exercises every day, you can show them to your viewers and encourage them to do the same. Explain which part of your body is targeted by your exercises,and motivate your watchers to continue working on themselves! 


Quarantine might be a real challenge for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that we will surrender and stop doing the things we love! With these tips, you will easily turn pandemic restrictions into creative ideas at home and discover new ways to communicate with your audience. Share backstage videos and show your viewers your daily routine, do some exercises with them to stay fit, talk with them in a live chat, share crafting ideas, and discuss something important, like special days and your dear memories. Use these stay-home ideas, take care, and good luck!