Native Advertising: The Top Infographics

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Native Advertising Top Infographics

Native advertising infographics will help you understand the many aspects of the native advertising ecosystem. This form of engaging an audience seamlessly integrates the advertising message into the content, creating an organic and relevant experience for the user and allows for an advertiser to send a powerful message.

1. The Native Lumascape

The native advertising landscape while not new, has become one of the most widely discussed, debated, and innovative forms of advertising online. Here are the major players in the space. Also, check out our native ad network list to further explore and work with a native technologies.
Source: Luma Partners

Native Lumascape

2. Exploring the Effectiveness of Native ads

How effective are native ads? That is a question that the industry does not fully understand or a metric that can be unarguably quantified just yet. IPG Media Lab and Sharethrough conducted a study of 4770 participants and study their behavior and perception towards native advertisements, giving the industry some amazing insights. This inforgraphic shows the data that was gathered.
Source: Sharethrough

Exploring the Effectiveness of Native Ads

3.  Closed and Open Native Advertising Networks

There are many forms of native advertising. This infographic shows the major native companies for promoted videos, posts, stories, music, websites and listings and if they are open or closed ecosystems.
Source: Sharethrough

Native Advertising Closed and Open

4. The Native Adscape

The Native Adscape is a reference tool that gives a holistic view of the native advertising market landscape. It segments companies by social networks, editorial publishers and their ad platform partners.
Source: Sharethrough

The Native Adscape

5. Native Advertising in Context

Solve Media developed an amazing infographic to tell what native advertising is, is not and the challenges and strategy behind a native advertising integration. Will native take over traditional display to become the dominant force in online advertising? Time will tell.
Source: Solve Media

Native Advertising in Context

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