Status of CBD Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Status of CBD Marketing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are today’s most used application by people of different ages. It is best to choose one of these platforms to promote your CBD product. However, CBD marketing on Facebook and other social media is not easily carried out on these platforms because of their strict policies against Cannabis. Policies keep fluctuating, which makes it difficult for producers to market their products. All three platforms have different policies, go through the policies of each platform below that will help you to advertise your product.


Over the past months, Facebook has made its policies easier for producers to advertise their CBD products; however, you still have to follow certain rules and guidelines to avoid getting your advertisement disapproved from Facebook. If you break any of its policies, your advertisement will be immediately removed. A lot of effort and proper strategy is required from producers before you finally send in your advertisement to Facebook. Below is a step to step guide that will help you run your CBD advertisement on Facebook.

  1. Start with creating an official Facebook page of your company 
  2. Do not mention any use of CBD marketing on Facebook, especially not in the ‘about’ section
  3. Secure a new name for your domain and avoid using the word CBD in it
  4. If you have mentioned the word CBD on your website, immediately remove it
  5. Indirectly sell your product
  6. Use images but refrain from using images that include people using the product
  7. Focus on mentioning the benefits of CBD on the Ad copy
  8. Your target audience should be from 18 years and above
  9. Go through all the guidelines again and then finally launch your advertisement


Instagram is one of the most commonly used applications where people upload different kinds of pictures. Instagram is one of the best ways to market CBD products. However, there are high chances of your ad being dismissed. Instagram has very strict policies when it comes to CBD marketing; however, there is a slight chance that your advertisement may be approved. There are different ways of promoting your advertisement on Instagram without directly showcasing it. Below are a few ways to help you do this.

  1. Since Instagram is known for sharing photos, you should upload photos in which people are using CBD oil. Engage people from different regions and upload videos that portray the benefits of CBD
  2. Repost content of other CBD producers; this might lead them to the same thing. Good relations can be made this way, and your products will start to gain popularity
  3. Use hashtags and geotags by making your product easily accessible to more people
  4. Make sure to upload a unique posts on Instagram. Avoid using the same content on every platform
  5. Be active on Instagram by posting stories and posts daily. Hold a question and answer session on your Instagram. This is a good way to keep your followers engaged and aware of your product


Twitter is also of the most commonly used social media applications. However, CBD marketing is not suited to be done on Twitter. Twitter’s policy does not allow any recreational or herbal drug to be advertised on its platform. It is a good platform to get information about customers who might be interested in CBD. As far as marketing is concerned, people are still hoping that Twitter’s policy may simmer down. 


Out of all the three platforms, Facebook is the easiest platform to run your campaign on CBD. With the fast-changing policies you never know in the next few months, Twitter and Instagram might also become lenient on their policies regarding CBD marketing.