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What is Adsuit?

Adsuit is a self service advertising platform, which provides retargeting and branding campaign types to “right-sized” companies with a transparent pricing. 90 days ago, I, along with two other co-founders from media agency, ad-tech and finance backgrounds, launched Adsuit to provide customers with an alternative in self service advertising services.

Adsuit captures & tracks visitors and show ads to lost visitors when they browse other areas of the internet.

Why is retargeting important in today’s digital advertising landscape?

Some studies suggest that only about 1% – %3 of your new visitors will purchase your products or services on their first visit. Brand recognition builds trusts among consumers, and a retargeting campaign with a self service platform like Adsuit is the most effective way of keeping your advertisements in front of future customers.

Today, most of companies including ecommerce, SMB’s, media agencies & brand marketers still don’t using a retargeting platform for their websites which is “wasting visitors.” If they use a retargeting platform or service (any vendor in the market) they will make more profit from existing visitors.

How does Adsuit provide value to the customer?

Nearly all retargeting vendors using same API’s to build their platforms, so i can say the difference between retargeting vendors just their approaches, pricing and optimization capabilities.

Unlike our competitors, we have a fully transparent pricing. Actually this is funny, because all of our competitors has a pricing page on their websites but you can’t find anything about their commission rates.

Besides this we built a very unique campaign optimization feature on top of Google Analytics API to find fake & non-performing publishers which saves at least %24 of the advertising budget (based on our 50 trial customers).

Please check details & Google Analytics feedback about it;

Our main goal is making advertising simple and cost-effective, to do that we are improving our user interface and experience everyday. As a startup we have a huge list of tasks and have new ad products in the roadmap.

How was the product developed?

We have an inhouse full-time development team in Istanbul, we started development last year, keep working together to build most effective self service platform in the market. We are working on a public API to work with smart development teams for future ad products & plugins.

Adsuit API

What improvements are planned for the future?

We have a busy roadmap of updates for Adsuit, we will be aimed at expanding functionality and integrating with 3rd party vendors. We are working on eCommerce platforms like Shopify to provide “1 click dynamic retargeting” capabilities for their customers. We also have an integration list of CRM & Marketing Automation platforms.

As you know media agencies has their own trading platforms (most of them using same API’s with us), we will develop our features as extensions for their own trading platforms.