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3 Benefits of VOIP (What, Why and Costs)

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Communication with the outside world is a must for any business or individual. without the ability to communicate correctly, society will be obstructed, so to speak. When the telephone was invented, it transformed the way communication was held and became a part of everyday life. However, technology did not

What You Should Know About Mobile Apps And How They’re Beneficial To Businesses

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Nowadays, digital technology has become a big part of everyone’s lives. Almost everyone has at least one type of smart device to consume information and stay connected with the world around them easily and cheaply. That is why businesses need to stay up to date with all the rapid

The Small Business Of Nocode/Lowcode

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Have an idea for an app? Nowadays, everyone and their grandma either has an app or an idea for an app. We all have these great ideas but have no idea where to start. The biggest obstacle we see these days is, in fact, starting. Also, it must cost

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

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The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is already here. Fans have been waiting for months for its release. Now is the moment to seriously consider what upgrade is the best, the new Samsung series or the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is already a few months old.  Best Deals

Getting Started with React Push Notifications on iOS and Android

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Push Notifications have become one of the prime marketing strategies of businesses around the world. It is due to their ability to reach the audience instantly. It doesn’t matter in which part of the world your audience is residing, if they are having an Android or iOS device along