Crunch Simply Digital Explains Programmatic

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Crunch Simply Digital and Programmatic

Crunch Simply Digital, an online marketing firm specializing in programmatic technologies created a video to show the benefits of programmatic and how buying ad impressions has evolved and changed.

It’s tough to get the right people online to visit your content due to the enormous amount of data that is posted and exchanged on the internet. Crunch Simply digital is able to leverage real time data, pinpoint targeting and massive reach.

Programmatic does have it’s problems at times such as buyers of digital media not realizing that they are bidding against themselves in an RTB marketplace when ad spend is funneled into different platforms and they unknowingly are buying the same inventory at different prices. While this is an ideal situation for a publisher to maximize the revenue potential of each ad impression, this is a nightmare for advertisers at every dollar spent is worth less in the ecosystem. There are hundreds of billions of ad impressions being looked at every day by ad exchanges which makes it impossible to figure out what is exactly going on at times.

Crunch separates it’self from inexperienced digital advertising companies by utilizing it’s advanced programmatic technology, data analysis and expertise around the industry.