How to Set up and Monetize a WordPress Blog

How to Set U=up and Monetize a WordPress Blog Cover
Starting your very first WordPress blog to create passive income is a daunting task with many steps involved. Have no fear, we have your back with our step-by step guide. If you ever feel stuck, contact us for help anytime!

Step 1: Get Hosting

You will first need hosting and we highly recommend Bluehost who have been around for over 13 years. They are an extremely trustworthy and reliable hosting company with 24/7 live support.

Step 2: Select your plan

Bluehost offers a variety of plans to suit your specific needs, complexity and scale. You can always upgrade your plans at any time. Choose any plan to get started.

2-Select Your Plan

Step 3: Sign Up

Enter your domain name or use an existing owned domain name. Take your time and don’t rush, choose a domain name that is memorable and easy to type.

3- Sign Up Now

Step 4: Enter your account and package Information

Securely enter your account information and customize your hosting package,

4- Account Information

5- Package Information

6- Billing Information

Step 5: Set your password

Create your secure password.

7-Welcome To Bluehost

8-Set Password

Step 6: Log into your cPanel

cPanel, long for control panel is a graphical interface which simplifies the many functions of your site hosting. Now, Let’s get under the hood!

9- Bluehost_cPanel Login

Step 7: Install WordPress

Bluehost allows you to install WordPress in just a few clicks:

10 - cPanel


12-Install WP


15-Install Complete

Step 8: Choose a premium theme to instantly give your site credibility.

Check out Themeforest for fast, mobile responsive themes for any kind of site.

16-Mojo Email

Step 9. Login to WordPress

17-WordPress Login

Step 10: Start customizing and creating posts!

WordPress is easy to use but like learning anything new, will require time and practice. If you ever get stuck, check out Reddit or the many WordPress resources on the internet. Chances are if you have an issue or question, it’s been asked and answered before.

The biggest mistake new bloggers make is worrying about monetization before their blog has any traffic. Focus on building your audience, social and organic traffic sources before adding banner advertisements.

18-WordPress Dashboard

Step 11: Sign up for Monetization Partners and refine your Strategy

Check out some of our most popular monetization resources or contact us for a customized monetization strategy.

Remember, the ad tech ecosystem is very complex and you should always do thorough research before starting a partnership with a new vendor. Here are some more tips on how to Monetize a WordPress Blog

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