The Science Behind Viewability Standards

The Science Behind Viewability Standards Cover

IPG Media Lab partnered with Integral Ad Science and Cadreon to conduct a large-scale scientific research study, involving nearly 10,000 participants and 189 different ad scenarios, meant to quantify the relationship between viewability and brand metrics. Although the study is not meant to rewrite existing standards, it serves as a guide to advertisers and publishers alike regarding how to best make ads more effective given viewability standards.”

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The Science Behind Viewability Standards

Infographic Summary

The MRC standard is not a magical threshold for Ad Effectiveness. Ads that simply met the Media Rating Council’s viewability standard did not have measureable impact on recall.

  • Statistically significant difference between control and test at > 90% confidence
  • Statistically significant difference between MRC standard and test at >90% confidence

Ad recall by MRC Standard

  • 16% Above Standard
  • 2% Met MRC Standard
  • 6% Under standard

Since viewability standards are two-dimensional (time and percent in view), ads that are in view for a long period of time regardless of percent in view still have impact.

Time in view is King

  • Time in view is responsible for more of the variation in ad effectiveness than percent in view

Overall, viewability is highly related to Ad Effectiveness

  • Ad effectiveness drastically improves after meeting the standard critera