How Does Geofencing Tech Work?

How Does Geofencing Tech Work?

Whenever anything starts with the word “Geo”, we must understand that it has something to do with Earth. From Geography to Geology, everything is connected to the Earth. The same thing goes with Geofencing. Geofencing is a location-specific service. It gets triggered, on entering a particular location.

The article upholds the working principle of the technology of Geofencing and its prospects. Let’s have a glance:

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a technology of pure encapsulation. It basically binds people with their existing location and then sets the trigger on. Using this technology, an app or a particular software can trigger an action. This action is definitely pre-programmed.

Moreover, this triggering mechanism works only when any mobile device enters or exits a virtual boundary. These virtual boundaries are set up surrounding geographical locations on the Earth. Each of the virtual boundaries is called Geofences.

In today’s date, if one hopes to have a successful business, he or she must understand that the virtual boundaries must be appropriately utilized. Most of the service providing companies like Jigsaw Marketing is implementing Geofencing Tech as a part of their marketing campaigns.

How does Geofencing technology work?

When we book a call cab service, it asks us to grant permission to the app, so that the app can track our location. We also need to enable the option of location sharing via our mobile phones. As a result of this, the cab driver tracks us through the Global Positioning System (GPS) and reaches out to us.

In the same way, companies and forums draw a Geofence surrounding themselves of required radius, so that if any individual who accesses their application within that Geofence, the company or forum can make that out. In this way, the company can understand which are the areas of maximum use of their mobile application.

Geofencing can also be set up by end-users. This can be done by enabling related options in mobile applications. We often set saved locations in our call cab applications. Those are the locations that we frequently travel to. They include home, office or other places as well.  

Why do we need Geofencing Technology?

A lot of companies these days just fade out from the market due to lack of proper marketing plans and poor execution of them. Sometimes it so happens that in spite of good content, people don’t find the interest to even look at some of the advertisements. This occurs due to the lack of an attractive appeal in the advertisements of the companies.

A company has a lot to do – make plans, design products, looking after the services and many more. So there is seldom any opportunity for one single company to look after the overall planning and execution of advertising campaigns.

What can Geofencing do?

Geofencing plays a significant role in providing a number of marketing services:

  • The technology is able to prompt mobile push notifications
  • It can also trigger text messages, alerts and other notifications
  • It can send advertisements for the intended audience on social media
  • It enables tracking on vehicle fleets
  • Geofencing also helps to disable certain technologies as per requirement
  • It is primarily used to fetch marketing data based on location
  • The technology plays a great role in security management of different areas
  • Almost 70% of businesses use this technology to monitor their employees
  • Some companies also take the help of Geofencing to manage time cards and other processes connected to the administration of the company

Wrapping Up:

Thus, we see that Geofencing is an important technology as far as business marketing is concerned. It has a lot of advantages and applications in enhancing the marketing strategies of a company.