Why Understanding Click Fraud is Important

Why is Understanding Click Fraud Important?

Digital advertising is not only a highly effective way of reaching your target audience, but it has also one of the billion dollar industries today. However, the real question remains whether all those clicks or views are actually being generated by your real audience looking to buy your products or services, or are they simply fraudulent bots that are costing you lots of money in misused advertisement space annually. Read on and discover why understanding click fraud is very important.

Click Fraud Infographic:

understanding click fraud example

What is Click Fraud?

With online advert placement becoming more automated nowadays, the digital advertising industry also has another problem to contend with, which is automated or fake traffic. Basically, click fraud refers to the process of deliberately click on pay-per-click ads to inflate a website’s advertising costs. This is done by automatic bots and users to malware and various other tactics to create fake web traffic.

Impact of Click Fraud

Regardless of which method is used for fake traffic generation, ads with a high cost per click can result in the loss of significant amounts of money. Recent research shows that 25% of video ads and 11% of display ads were actually viewed by automated software, not real people. Additionally, this year alone digital advertising fraud due to fake traffic will cost marketers more than $7 billion dollars.



Click fraud costs usually go beyond the loss of digital advertising revenue. The non-human traffic is robbing the ability for marketers to build their brands and grow their businesses. When all you are getting is fake web traffic, then you will also not get any final conversions since you are not dealing with real or interested buyers. The worst thing is that this non-human traffic is in all sectors from finance and family to society and fashion among many others.

Fake Traffic is Still Widespread Today

In 2015, marketers had between 3% and 37% of fake traffic rates with web traffic acquired from third-party sources. Generally, this bot traffic has remained largely the same across the digital advertising sector. The other point worth noting is that higher cost per mile ads has higher rates of click fraud. This has led to greater profits for the makers of these bots, usually at the cost of marketers seeking their targeted audiences.

Prevent Click Fraud with Click Guardian

Click Guardian is one of the best tools for preventing click fraud through real-time monitoring the visitor behavior on your website. If any fake traffic is detected, the IP is instantly blocked in your Adwords campaign. If you want to maximize your Google Adwords account and also be sure that the traffic you are seeing is actually coming from real people, then you must use Click Guardian today.

Key features:

  • Easy setup
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Automated protection
  • Persistent offender checks

By taking a more proactive approach against click fraud through Click Guardian, you can help ensure that you will no longer be charged for any fraudulent traffic.