Ad Platforms for Publishers: What They Are and How to Choose the Right One For You

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What all publishers are aimed at is delivering their messages to their target audience and generating healthy revenue as a result. But nowadays reaching this goal may be challenging due to high competition and the rapidly changing trends in the video marketing world. Fortunately, there are many advertising platforms that can make it easy to get the most out of an ad strategy. Choosing the best ad platform for publishers can delegate all that work to a professional service that provides a number of tools for automated ad display, video performance reporting and analytics, and revenue generation.

Advertising platform essentials

If we talk about ads for publishers, it’s a perfect income source to display advertisements, but it should be done in compliance with certain principles. 

Sometimes that isn’t an easy task to do without professional assistance. In that case, ad networks would be the best advertiser and publisher solutions for supervising advertising inventory. The scheme is pretty simple – publishers use ad platforms to find someone who will buy the ads, and advertisers seek proper inventory that corresponds to their demands. As a result, publishers are paid for selling ads and advertisers get a share of that income.

Who needs ad platforms?

They are for ads publisher, for blogger who is new to online advertising but is having trouble navigating the sometimes complex world of online advertising. Using these services can help you get results with the minimum effort, since ad networks handle everything from negotiations with buyers to targeting settings, monitoring your campaign, as well as providing all necessary reports.

How to choose an ad platform?

Video advertising solutions for publishers vary a lot, and in order to be successful, a publisher needs to choose the right network to cooperate with. Here are the significant points to take into account when choosing a platform to entrust your advertising campaign to.

  1. Targeting

In order for an ad campaign to bring fruitful results, the advertised content needs to be perfectly targeted. Your ideal choice is a platform that provides not only precise but multiple targeting options, i.e., by audience geolocation, context, behavior, etc. The better your targeting, the better your conversion.

  1. Formats variety

You can’t focus on only one format, since your target audience likely uses different devices to access their desired video content. Therefore, make sure that the ad platform you choose for cooperation works with various formats for your ads to be shown properly on any device.

  1. Analytical options

It is crucial to track the performance of your ads to understand what works well and in what way your ad strategy should be adjusted to be more effective. When choosing a platform, pay attention to the analytical tools it provides.


Ad platforms are a helping hand for any publisher who wants to seamlessly manage their advertising campaign – with no extra effort or time involved. It’s an excellent way to build and implement an ad strategy with the help of up-to-date tools and techniques for ad targeting, display, and analytics. It simplifies the ad monetization process by letting publishers avoid dealing with direct traffic sales. Just choose one that meets your requirements and enjoy the benefits it provides!