Programmatic: The Top Infographics

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Programmatic infographics will help you visualize the digital advertising ecosystem. Here are the best ones to help you understand the automation of digital advertising.

1. The Life of an Ad

Programmatic ad impressions are born and live in around .36 of a second. From the moment a page loads, a real time action occurs and an ad is served seamlessly to users constantly on the internet.  


2. Millennial Media Programmatically Mobile

Learn the key statistics and inner workings of programmatic mobile. Exponential growth in programmatic mobile is poised to make a big impact on the digital advertising industry.
Source: Millennial Media


3.  IAB Programmatic Ecosystem

Real Time Bidding, Programmatic, RTB, automated buying: whatever you call it – here is the what the machine looks like under the hood!
Source: IAB

IAB Programmatic Ecosystem

4. Marketing in the Programmatic Age

Programmatic is big business. The key stats brought to you by Dataxu and the Business Development institute prove it.

programmatic-roundtable-infographic-65. The Display Lumascape

The display ecosystem is large and fragmented. With more acquisitions and competition becoming fierce, this landscape is bound to simplify one day. Who will be the winner in this digital advertising war game?
Source: Luma Partners

Display Lumascape

 6. The Video Lumascape

Programmatic Video is still often misunderstood by many industry professionals. The players, technologies and relationships different greatly from the display ecosystem
Source: Luma Partners

The Video Lumascape

7. An Overview of Programmatic Buying

Fully understanding Programmatic buying can be tough for beginners and even veterans of the industry. This is a good depiction of how it  all works.
Source: Strategic America

An Overview of Programmatic Buying

8. The New Laws of the Media Universe

A very creative infographic that shows the key elements that make up the digital media universe.

Source: Pulsepoint

The New Laws of the Media Universe

Are we missing any? Let us know!