Pinterest Launches Ads on the Go Mobile Ad Tools

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pinterest mobile ad tools

The new Pinterest ad’s will be the talk of the town.

Pinterest, the global pinning platform where people come to discover, collect and organize ideas has released a suite of new tools and functionalities for advertisers on it’s platform called mobile ad tools, making it quick and easy to launch ads directly from your mobile phone.

Pinterest demographics in 2019 show that roughly 81% of users are females with 40% of new users being males – the platform is still primarily female dominated. Pinterest announced on their blog the release of their Mobile Ad Tools, a feature that gives businesses the ability to easily create and manage Pinterest ad campaigns on a mobile device, at any time.

Pinterest is certainly working for marketers who know how to use and optimize their pinterest pins. The platform is working for many people and results are being clearly measured. Phillip Wachter, co-founder and CEO of FOUNT states “We are seeing a drastic increase in engagement when Pins are promoted — up to 4,430%. Pinterest is bringing more traffic”

pinterest mobile ad tools example

This is a timely announcement as the buzz around the Adtech industry is that marketers are struggling to acquire profitable Facebook and Instagram traffic which historically was a lucrative source of high quality users in massive amounts of volume. Facebook especially is being more selective with giving markers on the platform organic reach and forcing brands to pay more and more to reach the audience they desire.

pinterest advertising success

How do the new Pinterest advertisements work?

If you are a business on Pinterest and want to advertise using their mobile ad tools, you simply select a Pin from your profile and toggle automatic or custom targeting. From a simple UI you are able to set budget, input how you want to be billed and you are ready to go live with Pinterest ads. This can all be done from your mobile device.

There are all the basic features you would expect such as adjusting budgets and targeting, pausing your ad, and editing the end URL or campaign name. You can view important metrics such as campaign durating, impressions clicks and click through rate. (CTR)

Pinterest Ads on the Go Example

Here is a screenshot of what the new mobile advertising platform looks like. They made the design easy to use and understand. Simplicity is best!

Pinterest mobile ad tools screenshot

In their post they described it very simply: “Over the past year, we’ve added a variety of features to help both small to medium-sized businesses and large advertisers with complex teams to more easily manage ads and collaborate on the platform. These features include multi-user access to ad accounts, campaign duplication, custom reporting and insights into their audience and their organic performance.” 

Will pinterest advertising grow this year?

As marketers continue to diversify where they spend their social budgets, Pinterest will be a strong contender for those coveted online ad dollars. Pinterest may still face problems shaking their reputation as being a female/DIY/lifestyle type platform, but it appears they can be so much more with the right targeting tools baked in and strong support systems for their growing pool of advertisers.