IAB on Viewability 2015

Viewability Digital Advertising

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the watchdog agency that sets the standards for the digital advertising industry created a video to report on viewability trends and statistics for 2015. With viewbility and ad fraud still being a major concern for advertisers, it is very important that all of the stakeholders in digital advertising come together and adopt a set of standards, measurement and best practices.

IAB State of Viewability 2015

Key takeaways:

  • Desktop Display Ad’s are considered viewable if 50% of their pixels are in view for 1 second
  • Desktop video is viewable if  50% of the pixels are in view for 2 seconds
  • Large units are considered viewable if 30% of pixels in view for 1 second.
  • The ultimate goal: 100% of traded digital media is viewable but this is unreasonable for the time being. Due to technology barriers, and the challenge in specifically mesuring high impact unit’s such as page takeovers, roadblocks and custom units.

Quote from the MRC (Media Rating Council)

“It is unreasonable for advertisers, agencies and publishers implementing viewavle impressions as measurement currency to expect to observe viewable ratess of 100%”

IAB 7 Principles of Viewibility in 2015

  1. Billing should be based on the number of served impressions with the 2 categories being measured and non-measured
  2. It is realistic to expect 70% and higher viewability in 2015.
  3. If a campaign does not achieve the 70% threshold, publishers will make-good with additional viewable impressions until the threshold is met.
  4. All make-goods should be in the form of additional viewable impressions and not cash. They should be delivered in a reasonable time frame.
  5. For large format ads that are 242,500 pixels or more, an impressions is counted if 30% of the pixels are viewable for for one second.
  6. Use MRC accredited vendors for measurement.
  7. Buyer and seller should agree on a single measurement vendor ahead of time

vCPM – The Viewable CPM

The  viewable CPM or vCPM, is the digital advertising currency of the future that will take the industry some time to adopt and standardize. Sure, there will be “less” impressions out on the market but brand advertisers will spend more in digital if they know the ads they are paying for actually had the chance to be seen.

  • Buyers and sellers of digital media should actively be working towards increasing viewability and educating their sales team.
  • Less impressions for sale but a stronger value proposition for advertisers.
  • Publishers need to be engaged and educated on the importance and should look to make their inventory more viewable.

Check out this Google Infographic about video viewability to learn more