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Category: Native Advertising
Monthly Stats: 250+ Billion recommendations/month
Traffic Minimum: 30,000
Payment Model: Advertisers:  CPC, auction; Publishers: rev share, flat fee, CPM
Countries: Ads are seen on every continent
Display: 100% customizable widgets
Mobile: 100% customizable widgets
Targeting Geographic, demographic, contextual, channel, site-specific

About revcontent

With over 100 Billion recommendations per month, revcontent is one of the largest and highest performing native ad networks in the ecosystem and have some of the most premium publishers as clients which includes the likes Forbes, NBC News, CBS Local, E! and Fantasypros.

Revcontent is not your average native network. Their native product includes a fully responsive widget, In Stream / Gallery Implementations as well as Infinite Scroll and other Industry-first native technologies on top of unlimited customization of the API to generate unbelivable results.

“We design the user experience around your site and not your site around our widget” –

The Revcontent manifesto

For Content Marketers

  • Quality and performance driven network- Their sites engage users with up to 50% PPV (pageviews per visitor) than other non-premium content recommendation networks.
  • Transparency and control -Optimize in real time with their completely self-serve platform.
  • Self-Serve or Managed- Either way full 24/7 access to advanced reporting.

For Brand advertisers

  • Complete brand protection – as the only premium publisher closed native network.
  • Quality driven – access the influencers and influencer sites.
  • Transparency and control – control your story from start to finish.
  • Self served or managed.

For Performance Marketers

  • Quality and performance driven premium network.
  • Monitor and shut down sites that are not performing. ROI is as much as 50% higher than other non-premium content recommendation networks
  • conversion and performance tracking tools
  • *Transparency and control