Review Review is one of the first companies that provide content marketing services to online advertisers. They have been part of the industry for almost a decade. Since then, they have created one of the biggest sponsored content networks today. Benefits

Online marketing is a very competitive industry. Advertisers can spend a lot of money and no results. connects advertisers to the right publisher. They help advertisers understand how much they are going to spend on a campaign, and then determine the right mix to come up with a positive return on investment. In most cases, is able to scale the campaigns depending on the budget of the advertiser. The company is a legitimate ad network that pays publishers on time.

Capabilities of for Advertisers

User-Friendly Setup Tools makes it easy for advertisers to set up a campaign. The native ad network provides ad and campaign tools that are easy to use. Advertisers will be able to get their marketing campaign up and running in no time.

Affordable Rates

The ad network provides various cost-per-click options that will suit any type of budget. There are cost-per-click options that start at a couple of cents. Advertisers can set their limit to ensure that they will not go over their budget.

Customized Support

A review of’s service support showed that the company provides full support to all their clients. They make sure that the setup is done the right way, and the ads have been optimized to meet the advertisers’ preferences and needs.

Optimized Clicks makes sure that clicks on ads are optimized for advertisers. They have designed a filter algorithm that results to optimally engaged traffic. That means the ads will create lots of traffics with a high conversion rate.

Advanced Reporting Tools

The ad network provides advertisers with graphing and reporting options that will allow them to monitor the current campaigns. This allows advertisers to adjust the campaigns in order to optimize their investment.

Capabilities of for Publishers

Top CPM in the Industry has one of the best CPMs in the industry. Publishers are able to earn a lot of money via the modern optimization algorithm. The company has a generous revenue share structure to ensure that publishers are also happy.

Flexible Ad Sizes has a wide range of ad styles and sizes. Their ad units are responsible so that the widget can match the website when view on any device.

Big Pool of Advertisers is a large ad network and that means that it has a big pool of advertisers. There’s no need to rotate several content provides for each location and device.

No Commitments and Pressures

The ad network believes that the website owner is free to do whatever one wants to do with the website. That means it doesn’t persuade the publisher from using other ad networks to monetize the site.

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