How to Edit Your Social Media Photos: A Brief Guide

In an age where image is everything, you need to be on top of the kind of images that you post online. Whether you’re posting on the image-based Instagram or another social media app, you’ll need to be on top of how your social media photos are coming across. 

Most people make their first impressions on social media nowadays, so how you’re presenting yourself can be very important. 

A lot of the work you’ll need to handle will come down to the editing. Editing an image can be easy and quick but can dramatically alter the final impression of a photo. 

What do you need to know about current photo editing tools and how they can help to create the perfect photo? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know. 

Basic Editing Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking to improve a photo but not necessarily craft a magazine-worthy shot, there’s a lot you can do within most social media apps themselves.

First, you’ll need to start with a quality photo. No matter how much editing work you put in, it can be difficult to start with a photograph that is low-lit, poorly framed, or blurry. Make sure you have a great shot. 

Within the Instagram app, you can adjust things like brightness, cropping, contrast, and hue. Instagram even comes with a magic wand option that will analyze your photo and adjust these levels to the ideal place. 

Get familiar with how each of these qualities impacts the appearance of your final photo, and slide them around until you’re happy with the image. Instagram even offers more advanced features, like filters, cropping, and dissolves.

More Advanced Ways to Edit Videos

Ready to take the next step and post some truly jaw-dropping Instagram photos? You might need to step out of the app and use some higher-grade image editing programs. 

There are many fantastic programs out there and you’ll need to do your research in order to determine which will be right for your photo goals.

Adobe offers many great programs, including the more robust Photoshop, or the more user-friendly Express. You can use Express as a free background remover and enjoy many of its other social-posting-friendly features. 

These programs also come with many presets and filters that can be used to help improve your photos. You can also add text, collage multiple photos together, and remove blemishes and other potential problems. 

There are also many phone-based apps that can be used for more advanced photo editing that may be worth looking into. 

Editing Social Media Photos

If you’re looking to craft a few perfect posts, you’ll need to find ways to help edit your social media photos. The above can help cover the basics of turning your images from flat to fab. You just need to decide what the perfect image might look like. 

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