Twitter Cards Overview

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Twitter cards allow a user to attach a video, image or other creative media after the standard Twitter maximum 140 text. This ultimately is a large factor in driving more traffic from Twitter.  It’s tough to stand out on twitter with the enormous volume of tweets proliferating the platform each second, but Twitter cards are one of the best ways to stand out and make users click your links. You can see a full overview on how to implement twitter cards on their official website:
Twitter Cards Infographic

Twitter Dev Page: Cards

Infographic Summary:

Tweets with images attract 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. From 2013-2014 more websites are using twitter cards, especially top 10k Alexa websites. Top 10k sites using cards rose from 10,000 to 18,000, almost doubling usage! Business websites have the largest adoption rate of twitter cards. Without leaving Twitter, followers can download an app, visit a landing page, sign up for a newsletter or contest and use a coupon.

Steps to Implement Twitter Cards

  1. Visit the twitter card dev page
  2. Choose your Card –
  • Summary card – Blog posts or sites with pages devoted to a lot of information
  • Summary card with large image – Highly visual content producers
  • Photo card – A business or site featuring photography or art.
  • Gallery card – Telling a visual story or displaying multiple views of a product
  • App card – Giving a snapshot of an app with ratings, price and description, then drawing viewers straight to the app store
  • Player card – Video, audio or media.
  • Product card –Selling stuff with details including price, description and availability.
  1. Add meta tags
  2. Run the URL against the validator tool for approval from Twitter.

Have you tried out Twitter Cards? If not, it’s time to drive more users, engagement and revenue to your site.