Mobile Viewability Made Simple

“If customers can’t see it your wasting your money”Millennial Media

The Evolution of Viewability

The digital advertising dream: for marketers to be confident that the ad impressions they are paying for with cold hard cash are 100% viewable by the potential customer. Who would wan’t to pay for ad impressions that can’t be seen.. sounds crazy, right?

During the wild west days of digital advertising when technology was (and still is) catching up to the promise of an automated and flawless ecosystem of buyers and sellers of online media, there was an “accepted secret”. The vast majority of impressions being purchased were not viewable by users and if they were viewed, this viewability could not be measured up to standard.

Buyers demanded upgrades in how viewability is measured and many companies in the industry responded. Technology has evolved and ad impression viewability has it’s own galaxy in the lumascape.

Mobile viewability differs from display viewability. There is a way to pay only for ads that are actually viewability. Mobile Ad experiences are highly measurable, so ad tech vendors in turn have to be more accountable. In general, mobile ad’s are more viewable than standard display ad’s. Mobile is roughly 81% viewable while desktop come in around 42% according to an IAS study.

Today’s Standard

Millennial Media, a mobile advertising and app monetization company has a 100% viewability guarantee and advertisers will only pay for ads confirmed in view for at least 1 second. Millennial Media has partnered with Integral Ad Science, a leading measurement company.

How does this process work?

  1. First there is a review to make sure on the ad placement 100% of pixels are in view
  2. Ad Creative served with Integral As Science pixel via Millennial media SDK
  3. IAS confirms if ad is in view for at least one second based on MRAID Data.
  4. Millennial Media uses this data to optimize your campaign.


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