Understanding Native Advertising

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What is Native Advertising?

The Interactive Advertising Bureau created a wonderful video to define native advertising.

Patrick Albano, the VP of Sales for Mobile, Social and Innovation for Yahoo sums up native advertising perfectly:

Native advertising is something has become very popular over the last few years. Quite simply it is just a form of advertising that fits very naturally onto a page so it looks and feels like the other kinds of content on the page. Often times it is thought of as in-stream advertising. The big opportunity for marketers in native is the chance for them to speak naturally with their target customers.

Unlike other forms of advertising which intend to tell big stories and be somewhat disruptive, bative advertising aims to speak naturally to a consumer, give them some information and lead them some place on the internet.

What is Native Advertising Infographic

The Challenges with Native

  • Understand how to have the right voice in these environments – How should native advertisements speak to the consumer and be relevant?
  • How should native ads be priced? – What really is the true value of a native impression from a branding and direct response perspective. How high quality should advertisers consider native impressions in the ecosystem?
  • Mixing native and traditional display – What is the perfect balance of content, native products and display ads and what are consumers responsive to?

The IAB Native Advertising Task Force

As the rise of native is relatively new, the IAB has created a professional task force to provide guiding principles to organize around native advertising. This is an area where pubs and advertisers will be innovating and the task force will provide the tools and resources needed to aid in growth. The IAB created the Native Advertising Playbook to educate the industry about native but also leave room for growth and innovation.

Want to implement native ads on your site?

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