Increase Your Responses with the Perfect Survey Email

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Increase Your Responses with the Perfect Survey Email

Getting feedback from your customers can be extremely helpful, so it makes sense to send out a perfect survey email every once in a while to get their opinion. When you send one of these out, you may expect to get tons of participation, but this isn’t always the case.

Getting a good amount of responses can turn out to be quite a challenge, so rather than hoping to get responses, work on some strategies that can increase your open rate and customer participation. Below are some useful tips to make your next survey email deliver the results you want.

Make Your Email Attractive to Your Audience

If you’re hoping for high participation in your survey, your first hurdle is getting your recipients to open your email. There are a few factors that can make someone delete an email without even considering opening it.

Let’s start with the sender. Your customers should be able to tell that the email is coming from your brand and it should also look trustworthy and human. Generally, type senders don’t generate much interest and result in your email either being tossed or marked as spam. Stick to email best practices and opt for something like someone’s name so that it doesn’t feel robotic and cold.

Next up is the subject line. Keep your subject line short to prevent it from being cut off when it’s displayed in someone’s inbox. Focus on making this copy compelling and attractive for your recipients. It can help to offer an incentive and mention this here and use wording that’s friendly, fun, but that also creates urgency. Mention the survey so they know what’s coming, but keep the tone fun and inviting. If you have no idea how to write yours, look for good email subject lines for inspiration.

Once someone does open your email, keep them there by ensuring the design is captivating and appealing. You’ll need to create a logo for your brand if you don’t have one yet so that it’s clear who the email is from and so that it looks professional.

Perfect Survey Email tips

Be Honest About Your Survey

Letting your customers know how long your survey will take is recommended. A short 2-minute survey won’t sound like a hassle and doesn’t require much of a time commitment, so customers may be more willing to participate knowing this information.

With that said, don’t lie about how long your survey is just to get more participation. This can make participants feel cheated and many of them may not even complete your survey.

Your perfect survey email email should also introduce what your survey is about so that customers will feel better prepared to give their opinion. Keep this description short and to the point while making sure it’s easy to understand.

Start Your Perfect Survey Email in the body

Embedding your survey in the email may sound like your best option, but this isn’t quite that simple. The code needed to do this often leads to your email getting marked as spam, so you may have to find a way around it.

One way to do this is by including your survey’s first question in the email body. It will be tempting to respond to this first question since it’s right there. When a participant clicks on it to respond, this should take them to the full survey where they can finish responding to the remaining questions.

If you can’t embed the first question, a screenshot of the first question that is linked to your survey can also work. Just make sure that whatever you decide to use is visually appealing and matches the rest of your brand assets in the email.

Perfect Survey Email example

Optimize Your Emails for Mobile

Optimizing your emails for mobile is a must, especially when you’re hoping to entice customers to respond to your survey. If your email doesn’t look good on a mobile screen, then they’ll close it quickly without ever getting to the survey. Since most people prefer using their mobile phones for things like checking email, mobile optimization is no longer something that can be ignored.

You can use an email template to make the design work easier, but try to look for one that looks great on mobile as well. Since you’ll want to include your logo in the email for branding purposes be sure to design a logo that sizes down nicely for mobile screens as well.

It’s worth mentioning that your survey should also look good on a mobile screen because if it doesn’t work or breaks on a smaller screen, users won’t finish completing the survey.

Perfect Survey Email optimization

Create an Email Campaign that Helps You Reach Your Goals (outro)

If you’re not getting as many responses as you had hoped for when it comes to your survey emails, don’t give up just yet. There are other ways to improve your current standing, so why not try implementing some of these strategies? If you decide to try some of these out, make a note of what’s working, and continue learning from your results.

If you’ve had success using these or any other strategies in the past, let us know what worked for you in the comments!