How to Leverage Your Competitors’ Secret Marketing Weapon

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You’re a business owner. A subject matter expert who’s crushed it using your network and social media prowess. Kudos to you! You’ve turned your expertise into a thriving business. But there’s a secret weapon your competitors are using. It’s high time you put it to work for you too.

Keep reading and you’ll be outpacing your competition in no time.

Personalization and Engagement

Picture this…

You receive two emails. One says, “Dear Customer, check out our new product.” The other goes, “Hey [Your Name], we noticed you loved [Product], and guess what? We’ve got something even better!” Which one are you likely to click on? If you chose the second, congratulations, you’re human!

This story is a small taste of the power of personalization. It’s a cornerstone of email marketing that your competitors are using to win people over.

Looking to elevate your email marketing game to this level of personalization? Consider hiring a digital marketing expert. With their expertise, you can implement advanced segmentation strategies, dynamic content personalization, and behavioral targeting to create highly tailored and engaging email experiences for your audience.

The Data Speaks Volumes

Do you know that every dollar spent on email marketing on average returns a whopping $42 (DMA, 2019)? Yes, you read that right. It’s like investing in a magical money-making machine. Email open rates average around 21.33% across industries (Mailchimp, 2020). Your email enjoys a lot more eyeballs on your message than a lone post on social media.

Stories That Sell

Let’s dive into a story. Imagine Sarah, who owns a boutique. She started sending out weekly emails featuring a ‘Product of the Week’. She also shares stories about her customers and their experiences. Sales soared. Customers often reply to her emails just to say how much they love what she shares with them. Email is like having a weekly chat one on one chat, except it’s one to many. When you use stories that resonate you’ll stay on top of their minds and your products live in their hearts. Story is often a game changer for brands.

FOMO: Your New Best Friend

Ever heard of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? Your competitors are using it brilliantly. Exclusive deals, limited-time offers, and early access are gold mines in email marketing. They create a sense of urgency and exclusivity that’s hard to resist.

But, there are ways to create urgency outside of time constraints too. Not every product is conducive to a time-limited sale. Painting a picture of what life is without your offering can create as much if not more urgency. FOMO is at its heart about getting out of pain or losing status. Show them how to stop hurting and start thriving.

Automation: The Silent Salesperson

Email automation is like your silent partner, working 24/7. Nurturing leads, following up on abandoned carts, and upselling. And the best part? It’s all happening while you’re focusing on what you do best—growing your business. Automation can be simple or complex.

Not using automation is costing you. You can’t be everywhere in the instant you’re needed. A well thought out automation fills the gaps. Serve people at the precise moment they come knocking on your door using automation. It’s that simple and that vital.

The Bottom Line

Whether you currently use email or have in the past your competitors do and they’re getting sales. If you’re not getting the results, do you know why? Visit a no cost look at what you can do to win with email.

Your competitors are building relationships and creating personalized experiences. They’re getting people thinking about their brand and it’s boosting sales. It’s time for you to jump on this bandwagon, not just to keep up, but to outshine and outsell.