Top Reasons Publishers Leave an Ad Network

Reasons Publishers Leave Ad Networks

Not all Ad Networks are created equal..

Behind digital ad network’s flashy website, promises of high CPMs, diverse programmatic advertiser demand, low payment threshold, 24/7 support and a slew of product offerings could lie a network that over-promises and under delivers. With so many different companies a publisher can choose to work with, it is important for ad networks to not make relationship ending mistakes. When a publisher gives an ad network access to media buy on their inventory they are taking the inherent risk of potentially loosing money and changing their user’s experience. If an ad network test goes horribly wrong a publisher will probably leave, for good. Here are the common mistakes ad networks make that cause a publisher to pull tags.

 Poor Ad Quality – Ads that are revolting..

Every website is it’s own brand. They provide value through content and engagement from an audience. Internet surfers in the year 2014 are savvy browsers. Whether a user realizes it or not, a factor that influences if they will stay on a website is the quality of advertisements that are filling each ad space. If a reputable website is being served malicious, offensive, ads from competitors or anything else on their block list from an ad network, they may leave.. for good! There are tons of.. strange.. images on the internet and sometimes they turn into advertisements because people cannot help themselves and naturally are interested. Ad Networks need to be up front about their category and creative banning capabilities. Programmatic ad ecosystems are hard to police sometimes because there are thousands of advertisers competitively  bidding simultaneously, often times labeling (or mislabeling their creatives) with  If violations come through on a regular basis, the publisher may choose to leave the network and look towards other companies to fill their valued inventory.

Slow to Release Payment – Show me the money!

Cash flow is important for digital publishers. Many may be counting on payment from an ad network for their livelihood and being paid on time is essential. Competitive ad networks who want to work with premium publishers will offer NET-30 or even NET-15 payment terms. If a publisher is being paid late and continually has to follow up, they will generally slow down impression volume delivery and ultimately leave the ad network. Ad networks need to make sure they are paying on time, and the correct amount to keep their publishers from leaving.

Low Performance – CPM’s are not high enough.

If a publisher is starting a test with large amount of inventory and no daily impression or budget cap with a new ad ad network, they sometimes have no idea what they will expect in terms of earnings. Often times, the ad network will not either and will smart price the inventory (to arbitrage a fixed amount) or have a revshare split. (60% is standard with anything over 80% being competitive) Revshares can be very unpredictable and if the ad network set’s up the media buy improperly on their end, the publisher could earn a fraction of what they were earning from other revenue streams. Publishers who consistently see low CPM’s from an Ad network will realize how easy it is to swap out tags and end the relationship immediately. Ad networks who are engaged in a new relationship with a publisher do not have a track record of success. While ad networks have vast resources and demand, if an account is neglected for an extended period of time, CPM’s with naturally drop. Programmatic is rapidly growing and new AdTech companies are springing up every day.

Slow customer support response time

Being ignored never feels good… in any situation! If a publisher has an account manager who does not respond to emails or phone calls in a timely fashion, they may pull the ad tags and replace with another network or revenue partners. Publishers need to know the ad network will service their requests and tend to high priority banning and inquiries that directly affect revenue. Like any relationship it takes time, proven success and responsiveness to build a strong ad network and publisher partnership. Want to Learn more about Digital Advertising? See: