Expert Tips on Creating an Impactful Instagram Content Strategy

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Expert Tips on Creating an Impactful Instagram Content Strategy

About 63% of Instagram users visit the site daily. Given its growing popularity, you can’t afford to have a social media marketing strategy without having a presence on Instagram. If anything, your competitors are already taking advantage of Instagram’s amazing features!  

However, setting an Instagram profile isn’t the main thing. It would be best to have an exceptional strategy for you to get traffic and drive sales through the platform. Your Instagram content ideas should be the core of your strategy for you to thrive. 

Here are top expert tips to help you create an effective content strategy. 

1. Share Experiences 

Instagram users hardly spend time on the site looking for products or services. They want intriguing visuals and stories to excite them. You’ll need to share experiences by using the right visual content. 

You will notice that most brands with millions of followers have something in common; an assortment of striking visuals. Focus on the experience a product gives as opposed to the product itself. You’ll start getting more engagement from users as people tend to appreciate this kind of content.

You must be as creative as possible, as the images have to be unique without deviating from the products. If you deal with food items, you can have pictures of a family enjoying a meal in your restaurant. The images you choose need to prompt anyone viewing to try your products.

2. Have Clear Content Themes 

In your Instagram content strategy, having themes is indispensable. You’ll need to consider the colors to use, content type, and the right filters. Some brands stick to one or two theme colors in all their posts. Others focus solely on their theme colors, while others combine colors to bring out some vibes such as sunny or relaxed. 

When thinking about colors, consider what you’d want users to think about when they see your brand. You might also want to adopt a specific filter for all your content, which will be like your signature. It is also essential to determine if your theme will be more videos, pictures, sceneries, or your products, which should be central to your Instagram theme.

Note that you can have different content themes depending on the season and goals. It would be best to consult a professional marketing consultant if you’re unsure of your Instagram digital marketing themes. The financial implication is incomparable to what you might lose with a wrong Instagram content strategy. 

3. Schedule Your Instagram Content

You need to know when to create Instagram content for your followers. Have a schedule, depending on your followers’ trends. The ideal way to find out the perfect time to post is to monitor your posts’ results to see the days and times you get the best outcomes.

The good thing with Instagram is that you can use third-party apps such as SocialPilot to schedule your content. The app allows you to manage all your Instagram accounts from a single point. It also has significant features such as watermarking images, customizing posts, and finding free photos to share on your account.  

While at it, remember that your followers want regular content. If you allow your account to be dormant for several weeks, you’ll have a challenge trying to bring people on board. 

4. Consider Influencer Marketing 

In a recent survey, about 89% of respondents reported that influencer marketing ROI is better or comparable to other marketing channels. Partnering with social influencers is one of the best ways to have an Instagram strategy that works. You can use this influence to promote an event, product, or services.  

Social influencers have already gained the trust of their massive followers. People will be more confident when a social influencer recommends a product. If you get an influencer to promote your brand, chances of having increased sales are high. 

For micro-influencers, the cost-implication won’t be as high as when working with celebrity influencers. Once you get influencers with a significant number of followers, you’ll most likely get high engagement rates. 

5. Avoid Too Much Promotional Content

The primary aim of your Instagram content strategy is to get you more sales. You might be tempted to push for sales with every post on Instagram. However, it is crucial to avoid promoting your products in all your posts. 

Learn to mix your social media content to keep your followers engaged. The last thing you need is to annoy users with sales posts now and then. Be casual in your promotion posts and avoid intonations that scream for attention.

You should have specific days where you market your products or services. On most days, consider content that increases engagement and add value to your followers.

6. Use Hashtags Wisely

Your Instagram content is incomplete without using the right hashtags to complement your captions. You can start with trending hashtags, especially on events such as Christmas. Alternatively, you can consider brand-specific hashtags for a more targeted audience.

For your Instagram content, have unique hashtags for each. You can incorporate your brand to make the hashtags more personalized. It would also help to have an exclusive name for your campaign, which would allow you to stand out regardless of the competition. 

Instagram hashtags are a great way to build and grow an online community. People will be more eager to engage your brand, which will be critical in creating more following and sales. However, you need to follow the Instagram hashtag rules to prevent your account from being flagged. 

The Right Instagram Content Is Necessary for Successful Social Media Marketing 

If you have been wondering how to make your social media marketing more effective, consider Instagram digital marketing. With a well-thought-out Instagram content strategy, you’ll get adequate traffic and sales. You might want to consider your presentation of content on Instagram as it affects how your followers engage with your brand.  

Professional marketing agencies can be resourceful if you’re not familiar with Instagram. Consult the experts for a comprehensive social media strategy. 

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