What is the definition of a Verified Twitter Account?

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What is a Verified Twitter Account?

As of this late, there are roughly 187,000 people that have a verified twitter account out of the approximately 310 million active monthly users.  On the 19th of July 2016, the company announced that they will be opening the verified feature to every twitter user.  This gives the opportunity for everyone to receive a little blue checkmark by requesting a verified twitter account. 

To determine the people who are qualified on getting an approval, people behind the micro blogging site states that they should be of public interest.  Before this recent development, the company only tends to verify the account of high-profile community, business, and sports, politics, and media personality.

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Tips on How to Have a Verified Twitter Account

Step #1:  Open Your Twitter Account

The first thing you have to do is to open your account and check the settings of your Twitter account; you should have complete and factual information. Your birthday, website, header photo, profile photo and bio should be accurate.  Make sure that you already confirmed your e-mail address and you have already provided them with verified contact information.  Your possibility of getting approved can be boosted by using a username that reflects a company or a real name, header photo and other supporting details should replicate the company or person’s branding.

Step #2:  Fill Out the Form

Go to this site and fill out the form.  Make sure to provide accurate information.

Step#3:  Understand the Requirement

Before you proceed in submitting the form, you need to be aware about the types of accounts that are not qualified for the review.  This is your opportunity to confirm your e-mail address or to provide them with a verified phone number.  You may also fill up the missing information in your profile such as your birthday, bio, header, profile photo and website.  Tiny details such as these can affect your chances of getting a verified twitter account.

Step #4:  Help Them Recognize Your Identity

You may provide them link of a website that will verify your true identity; you may provide links that exemplifies your news worthiness or a link that highlights your relevancy in a particular industry.

Step #5:  Explain it to them

You should explain to them why you need to have a verified Twitter account.  For instance, you may provide situations that can help them understand how vital it is to get your Twitter account verified.

Step #6:  Submit it

After making sure that you have completed all the necessary stuff, submit your application form.  You will receive a notification through e-mail if your application was approved or rejected.  In case it was rejected, you may apply 30 days after the previous application.

Benefits of Having a Verified Twitter Account

By having a verified account, you can get an unhampered access on the analytics of the account.  This feature is normally accessible only to the advertisers.  It provides essential data about the engagement of your followers.  You can also enhance the privacy of your messaging system.  With a verified Twitter account, you can also improve the credibility of your brand, distinguish your account from the fake and enhance your search preference.