Why Remote Work Makes Sense

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For many, the end of the pandemic meant the end of remote work. In fact, only 27.5% of businesses have employees that work from home. When you consider primarily work from home employees, the number goes down to 12.7% from its 35% peak in 2020.

But remote work still has many advantages over traditional work. For instance, employees can avoid long commutes and will have more money after saving on gas and lunch. It also helps employees to maintain their work-life balance, as they have fewer meetings and more family time than before. But these benefits extend to employers as well.

Since employees don’t need to travel to and from work, employee absences and sick days are drastically reduced. With a more comfortable environment, employee turnover rates decreased by half and worker productivity increased by 68%. All in all, 98% of people say they want to work remotely, at least partially.

Given the numerous benefits of remote work for both employees and employers, businesses must consider taking advantage of working from home. Fortunately, platforms like Unrubble allow companies to easily manage their employees to easily harness the benefits of working from home. With tools like AI scheduling software and connectivity platforms, remote work platforms are a great addition to just about any business.

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