Speed Course to Become a PPC Manager

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Pay Per Click (PPC) is a form of internet marketing where an advertiser pays a certain amount each time one of their ads is clicked. As the revenue from digital advertising continues to increase, businesses and firms are now looking for additional marketing strategies such as PPC. Now that running a successful PPC is not an easy task, businesses are continually searching for PPC managers.

In most cases, the process of becoming one of these specialists requires you to put in a relatively long time. So if you want tips to help you learn about PPC marketing management, pay more attention, and keep reading.

First things first, What does a PPC manager do?

The primary role of a PPC manager is to overlook and monitor the PPC campaign of a client. If you become a PPC manager of a firm today, you will be responsible for all the advertisement campaigns run in the firm. To handle this effectively, a PPC manager should maintain a good relationship with everybody in the advertising team and, at the same time, be updated on how the existing campaigns are performing. In general, PPC managers have the following roles:

  •  Reviewing the PPC campaign on a daily basis and acting immediately if there are hitches in the campaign.
  • Finding and pursuing new leads. A PPC manager should work with the advertising team to identify and implement new leads capable of generating decent returns.
  • Checking the keywords daily to confirm that only those related to the campaign are running. Also, the PPC manager should select only the keywords that are capable of generating sales considering that they cost the advertiser hundreds of dollars.
  • Removing irrelevant sites from the campaign. If the site where the ads are displayed is not generating revenue, the PPC manager should consider switching for another that yields revenue.
  • Reviewing the budget associated with the existing campaign. A good PPC manager should evaluate the expenses and the revenue associated with each campaign to see if the monthly target is achievable.

How can you fast track the process of becoming a PPC Manager?

Do PPC as a career

Did you know that many companies use their PPC managers to train junior PPC managers? This simply means that companies are seriously looking for experts in this field. You can take advantage of this by doing PPC as a career. This will help you develop the basic skills needed in PPC marketing management, a factor that could see you moving up the ladder in a very short time.

Get insights from your competitors

Regardless of the niche, you are in, there will always be high performing ad campaigns probably run and managed by seasoned professionals. If you observe what they do, you can easily apply the same strategies to make your campaigns work too. This way, you will save the time you spend learning better ways of creating and managing ads.

Learn the shortcuts of excel

Excel is one of the tools you will be used to manipulate the data generated from your ad campaigns. Don’t just stop at learning how to use this tool. It would help if you understood the shortcuts too, as this will make the difference in the time you will be taken to analyze data.

 Improve your writing

Running PPC ad campaigns requires a lot of writing, from drafting the landing pages to the internal structure and highlights. You, therefore, need to practice your writing skills to ensure that you formulate creative and high-quality content. 

How to be ahead of the current trend

As mentioned above, you need to be updated with how other people are currently running their PPC ads campaigns. Just like any other online marketing strategy, PPC marketing keeps evolving and hence learning a few new tricks will give you an edge over your competitors. You can stay updated through the following ways:

Subscribing to blogs and newsletters

Working hand in hand with the Google AdWords

Trying as hard to answer the questions asked by customers and the other team members.

No matter the path you follow to become a PPC manager, you should know that the end game is always becoming an expert at it. Similarly, ensure that most, if not all, the campaigns you manage for a particular firm bring returns at the end of the stipulated period. Keep in mind that this can only be achieved if you and your team are committed to helping the firm you are working for. Lastly, if one of your campaigns generates poor returns, you should at least have a fact-backed explanation for your client.