The Small Business Of Nocode/Lowcode

The Small Business Of Nocode/Lowcode

Have an idea for an app?

Nowadays, everyone and their grandma either has an app or an idea for an app. We all have these great ideas but have no idea where to start. The biggest obstacle we see these days is, in fact, starting.

Also, it must cost thousands to make an app, right? What about all that code?  Also, how long does it take to create an app? With all these questions, we can feel lost and just give up completely. However, with nocode/lowcode, it’s easy, cost effective, and best of all you don’t need ANY coding experience.

Platforms for creating an app

With platforms like Adalo, Bubble, and Webflow, the internet has made it easy for anyone to create an app within a week, with no coding experience needed. While all these platforms are amazing in their own ways, all do have limitations that we would recommend you look up on before starting to create your app.

These platforms were made for your MVP (minimal viable product). This means that these platforms were created so you can get your first version out to the world, and see how it does. The next question you’re probably asking is, what happens if your app starts doing well, and you’d like to upgrade the features? What do you do now?

Round Pegs

In this instance, you can either try it yourself or you can contact a company like Round Pegs. Round Pegs is a nocode/lowcode agency that helps pair you up with an expert based on your needs.

At this point in your successful app career, you may need a little bit of code. This is where “lowcode” comes into play. You can hire staffing (freelancer) for an hourly rate to help with your UX Design, functionality, or anything else you may need to up your product. Companies like Round Pegs are the ones to do this for you.

Low cost

It’s important to note that while this process is far less expensive than the coding route, it still does cost you a pretty penny. You can create your app on the above-mentioned platforms for a huge discount, however, if you do get stuck and need help it can cost you anywhere from $500-$6000 depending on your needs. While this seems steep, it is nothing compared to the $50,000 you would have spent should you have gone the other route in the beginning.

Conclusion – nocode/lowcode

All in all, nocode/lowcode is the way to go if you are trying to get the word out about your new venture or idea. An app not only helps your company reach a wider audience, but it also gives you more credibility in the eyes of that audience.

If this sounds like the next step for you, feel free to contact Round Pegs on their website for a free consultation on what it would cost to create your app. Your project will stay confidential and will be yours forever. We just help you get there.

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