All You Need To Know About Scheduled Instagram Posting

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Over the years, several brands have seen tremendous growth on Instagram with schedule posting. Planned Instagram posting is beneficial for all businesses that are looking to digitally market their products and services.  It may sound like quite the task but it is extremely simple and effective.

There are several ways one can schedule posts on Instagram. Only business pages are currently allowed to schedule posts directly on Instagram. Other public accounts have to use third-party tools or they can reach out to digital marketing services who can handle their profiles for schedule posting. 

Business pages on Instagram must be linked to their Facebook pages; otherwise, they will not be able to use this feature. They can schedule post with the help of Facebook’s Creator

Studio. Creator Studio allows business pages to queue several posts at once. It also allows you to schedule images along with captions, tags, location for the post and schedule it for the future.

Third-party tools are also widely used by Instagram accounts. Through these tools, users can schedule their posts up to 6 months for a specific fee. Hootsuite was the first tool that allowed users to schedule post. Several companies followed the same path and provided users with a variety of options to select from, that best fits their social media needs.

Renowned Third-Party Tools


Later is a social media tool that helps schedule post on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. This tool has two major benefits for users. They can preview what their post will look like when it gets published and they can synchronize their images with google drive and dropbox. These benefits come handy to Instagram users and they don’t have to save these images on camera roll for posting. Later also offers free access to users for the first 30 scheduled posts, allowing them enough time to judge the usability of the app.


Tailwind provides users with smart insights that are hard to find on other tools. They help users with smart scheduling where Tailwind suggests time slots for posting when there is high audience engagement. It finds the best hashtags that will help other users discover your page. And it also saves the users’ time by suggesting relevant tags, locations and formatting captions, all in one place for the perfect Instagram marketing strategy.

Agora Pulse

With similar features as the above, Agora pulse also gives a preview of your future posts. In this tool, you can set up a default time slot for each day and it will add your posts to a queue. During the best time of the day, it publishes your posts. Agora pulse is great for understanding how your followers are engaging with your account. It gives insights on your most influential followers which is useful information.


Just like other tools, it is very simple to schedule post through Hootsuite. Just add your image along with a caption, hashtag and the time you want your post to appear on the Instagram page. You will receive an alert about your post before it is time to post and you can then have a final look at the post. Hootsuite does require you to click on the push notification, it does not post unless the user is aware of the upload.

Benefits of Scheduled Posts

Direct Upload From Computer

It is easier to edit images on a computer and with the help of scheduled Instagram posting, users can directly upload images from their systems. This reduces the hassle of sending edited images to your

mobile phones and then uploading. Scheduled posting reduces the time taken to post as the user can plan all their posts and it will automatically upload at the assigned time slot.

Improved Quality of Posts

A creatively written caption always attracts the eye. It takes time to come up with the perfect post. The post is only effective if it has the right image, hashtag and an idea. Creating and scheduling posts ahead of time lets the user come up with the perfect post. Users can also use this time to create a theme for their upcoming posts in order to increase their engagement.

Regular Posting to Keep Followers Engaged

Regular posting helps with Instagram’s algorithm and keeps followers engaged with your content. The more you post, the more likely you are to reach new followers. With schedule posting, it is easy to not let personal life be interrupted by the urgency of posting.

Creates a Strong Brand Presence

Instagram marketing can successfully be done through scheduled posting. With the help of themes and filters, businesses end up creating a style that is associated with their brand and target audience. By planning your posts ahead of time, you can focus on a similar style for the content and not drift away.

Common Mistakes While Schedule Posting

Every good thing comes with disadvantages. While schedule posting may seem like the perfect solution for digital marketing, it has its own share of concerns.

Sometimes there may be a national tragedy going on, and users may unknowingly post something during such times. That is why users should not plan their posts way ahead in time. It is also important to keep a track of current ongoing issues while you are posting on Instagram. For instance, it is important to be aware of sensitive issues like racism or anything else going on in the world. Since it may seem rude to post something totally irrelevant during such situations. Hence, it is necessary for the brands to constantly regulate their posts.

You should also engage with your audience because, with schedule posting, it is easy to forget. Many brands might be posting regularly and not interacting with their followers. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of schedule posting but it can be easily avoided. Make sure you are answering questions that are being asked by your followers to maintain a rapport.

It is easy to make mistakes such as typos, write something offensive or not make any sense in your captions. You should be careful and edit your posts regularly. You can even ask others to proofread your work in order to avoid any mistakes.


Scheduled Instagram posting continues to help businesses grow and increase their digital presence. Now, many brands are beginning to understand the benefits of Instagram marketing and are using it to expand their reach.

With the help of an advertising agency, brands have their social media accounts handled by experts in scheduled posting and digital marketing. This is a beneficial service for brands that are occupied with other tasks and don’t have enough time to regulate their social media pages.