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What Are Transactional Emails And How Can They Help Your Ecommerce Business?

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A transactional email is an automated email triggered by interactions and events within a service or application. Such emails are different from promotional bulk emails because rather than being driven by the company’s marketing campaign, they respond to user activity. So, for example, a customer abandons their shopping cart.

2021 Go-To Guide For Responsive Email Templates Design

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As smartphones continue to become the biggest device segment used globally, mobile-optimized emails have become a necessity. No matter B2B or B2C, every brand is going gaga over the responsive HTML email templates as they provide seamless renderability across all device types without making you stick with single-column designs.

How to Write Email Headings To Always Grab Attention

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What does email stand for? Alright, there’s a huge chance you already know the answer to this question, so here’s another question for you. What makes a good email? When you think of a good email, the first thing that pops into your head is probably the content of

Email Lead Generation Best Practices and Tips

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Boosting your lead generation via email marketing can increase your revenue benefaction beating the competitive net-worth. Handling the best practices and setting courses in the best set of strategies can turn email marketing into an ideal lead generating tool. Targeting the right set of audiences, nurturing them with the

Everything About Building an Email List From Scratch

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Emailing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. It is one of the best forms of communication with your customers. While social media attracts a lot of attention, the most effective digital channel for promoting products and services is still the use of the email list. Experts claim that emailing