Twitter Acquires TapCommerce App Advertising Startup

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Twitter Acquires TapCommerce for 100 Million

twitter acquires tapcommerce

Twitter announced that they are going to acquire app advertising startup TapCommerce for roughly $100 Million dollars. Twitter has been actively acquiring complementary companies of all sizes the last year such as native mobile ad company Namo Media. and Mobile advertising exchange MoPub for 300 million. Twitter has been making smart moves and diversifying it’s product offering to thrive alongside the trend of increased programmatic ad spend and become the #1 source for Mobile ad spend in the future. The mobile landscape is still in it’s early stages and a number of technology start-ups could take off to be the next big thing.

How did TapCommerce form?

TapCommerce came to fruition in 2012 with proprietary technology that allowed re-targeting and serving ads to smartphones. Since it’s inception it raised $11.7 million in capital from investors. Brian Long, the CEO posted on his blog to inform his existing customers that their tapcommerce experience will not change due to the recent acquisition.

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